Artist: LaShun Pace
Track: Just Because God Said It
Album: Just Because God Said It

“Just because God said it, that’s enough for me.
Just because God spoke it, why shouldn’t my heart believe?
God is not a man that He should lie… Had He said it, shall He not do it?
Or had He spoken, shall He not make it good?
Just because God said it, that’s enough for me.
(God said it) Behold I give unto you power.
(He said it) To tread upon serpents and scorpions.
(God said it) And over all the power of the enemy.
(He said it) And nothing shall my enemies hurt you. God said it.
(God said it) Has God spoken anything in your life? I don’t care what it was.
(He said it) If you can just believe God.
(God said it) And stand on His word. God said it.”

“Just Because God Said It” is a blessing.
Let all that God has said rest with you and help you to grow daily.
Let all that He has said be enough for you.
May you stand on His word and rejoice in the freedom He has given. The truth.
The word in John 8:32 tells us that we will know the truth and that the truth will set us free. The truth; the Living Word; Christ, will set us free.
With this truth at our hands, in our hearts and constantly filling our spirits, we can enjoy the freedom that Christ gave us and live life abundantly. We can enjoy the promises that He has promised us, the breakthroughs He has planned for us and the will that is already done in heaven.

May the Lord speak to you this week and may you hear Him loud and clear. May His words be enough for you. May you rejoice in what God tells you just because God said it.

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