“If We’re Honest,” Francesca Battistelli’s New Album Is An Album Full Of Gold

Review Date: 07/01/14
Review By: Rebekah Joy (16)
Release Date: 04/22/14
Rating: [usr 9]

Having a career that includes a Grammy nomination, 22 dove award nominations and six Dove awards since 2008, Francesca Battistelli’s time in the Christian music industry can be called nothing less then successful. With three albums to date, having songs played on shows like Jon and Kate plus 8, and performing on Good Morning America Francesca has definitely been active in the music industry.

Following My Paper Heart and Hundred More Years Francesca’s latest album If We’re Honest definitely does not disappoint. The album is a perfect blend of soulful ballads, and encouraging pop tunes about everyday life.

Write Your Story” is the first track off the album, and the first single to go to radio. “Write Your Story” is a song of encouragement to live our lives openly for God to use us in whatever way he chooses. Finally, the song encourages us to have a blank slate and let God do the writing, as opposed to taking control and doing it ourselves.

Mom’s everywhere will all agree that “When The Crazy Kicks In” is an anthem to moms. Through the song Francesca reminds listeners that despite the highs, lows and general busyness that life brings God always has us where he wants us no matter what.

“He Knows My Name” is an encouragement to those struggling with worth. Despite what society may think, and how low they may be feeling about themselves, “He Knows My Name” encourages listeners that no matter what, God loves them more then anything.

“Unusual” is both lyrically and melodically very catchy and clever. While being a very fun pop sounding song, lyrically it will resonate with many. A song of encouragement and reassurance to those who struggle with feeling different.

“Choose To Love” encourages listeners to live a life of faith and full of love instead of a life full of fear, despite the risks.

“Run To Jesus” talks about how God is right there with us when we need him, and in those down days where nothing seems right, hope is right there with you. “Find Rest” is a similar ballad that gives listeners hope that God is always with us no matter what, and when we put our hope in God He will take care of everything.

The title track “If We’re Honest” is a simple yet beautiful call to honesty. With just Francesca’s voice, and accompanying piano, the song talks about how people need to stop pretending to be something they’re not, and embrace their brokenness.

“Giants Fall” is a song that was inspired by a young girl named Mallory. Mallory started an organization at the age of 11 to help woman in Uganda. This girl, like David from the Bible, had so much faith, and managed to face the giants in her life who told her she could never accomplish anything because she was too young. Fast forward a number of years, and Mallory has managed to raise over $20,000 for her organization. Francesca was so inspired by this story she wrote a song to inspire others to step out of their comfort zones.

“Hands Of God” featuring Matt Hammitt of Sanctus Real is a beautiful blend of their two voices into one equally beautiful song, both aesthetically speaking and lyrically speaking. The song talks about serving God with a life long partner by your side.

The final track off of the album is called “We Are The Kingdom” which talks about being a part of the kingdom of God, and the importance of living out your faith.

These 11 tracks are what make up the standard edition of the album, but the deluxe edition includes 4 bonus tracks: “Holy Spirit”, “Keeping Score”, “I Am Home” and “Tonight” which features All Sons & Daughters. Having a deluxe edition of the album is very beneficial, because all four bonus tracks are well worth the extra money.

Overall If We’re Honest will be a favorite with many, because it tackles so many different struggles people may have, and offers lots of encouragement to help listeners make it through, and overcome these struggles they may be facing. Pick up If We’re Honest as soon as you get a chance!

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