Progress is a priority for all-individuals, companies, governments. No one wants to feel stuck at any point or remain stagnant over a bearable period of time. Even if the rate of change is crawling like the pace of a tortoise, it is much preferred to nothing at all. But it is also said that great things take time. And it takes great character to appreciate the little things.

But what do we do while we’re waiting for the change? Do we strip ourselves of the little joy we have by grumbling every minute we get and embitter ourselves because we feel suffocated by our never-changing circumstances? Contentment is significant. While we wait, we should feel content for where we are at the moment.

Contentment with yourself and your life doesn’t imply complacency. Contentment is taking time to appreciate the little blessings that come with your current situation while praying for your desired change to show forth. Complacency on the other hand is finding your comfort zone and deciding to remain there with no effort to progress. God doesn’t want us to be complacent; He wants us to be content.

Not that I complain of want; for I have learned, in whatever state I am, to be content– Philippians 4:11 (RSV).

In all things and situations, we should learn to be content. Every season is for a reason so thank God for whatever season you may find yourself in. He is preparing you for something beyond your wildest expectation so endure this trial period and soon you’ll enjoy the benefits in the premium package.


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