Today I woke up, got ready, and headed to devotionals. Then, I ate breakfast and headed to morning worship where I waited in line for a bit. Bellarive is our Camp worship leaders, and if you haven’t heard of them you need to check them out! The band members are so very talented, but also humble. They bring a certain vibe to Camp that you can’t get anywhere else. They rock!

Next we had instrument-specified classes and we got to have another lesson from Sherri Gould. She taught us about vocal registers, vocal warm-ups, and vocal health. It’s pretty awesome to be in her class!

Tom Jackson was up next and he taught us more about stage presence with Trevecca’s campus band, and told us about the importance of small things, because they become the big things. It’s always a pleasure to have him as a teacher, and he has a lot to offer to young musicians!

Then we had lunch. Lunch was one of the best parts of the day. I saw Toddie Funk (TobyMac’s bass guitarist) and I wanted to sit by him so badly. He walked by our table looking for a seat, so I told him he could sit with us, and he sat down and ate with us! It was so very cool to talk to him. For those of you that don’t know, he was the one who told me about this Camp when I was eight years old. That was after I got bullied in third grade for liking TobyMac. I guess you could say the hope of stuff like Camp Electric kept me hanging on to music and not falling into pressures people used to put on me. All in all, I got to share that with Toddie, and that was amazing. He’s a big deal to me, and for him to sit there and talk to me meant the world.

Our all-camp afternoon concert was hosted by the one and only KJ52. He is pretty much my best friend, and he played a lot of 80’s music to pump us up because no one really sleeps at Camp Electric. We rocked out to Thriller and Bill Cosby and pretended to be zombies. It was a good time! I love KJ, and to get to see him perform is always amazing!

Then we had classes. I had a lady named Cheryl LuQuire, who is a singer/songwriter that writes for Sony/ATV. She was so nice! I loved being in her class, and she had a lot to teach us – not only about singing, but about music business. I want to major in music business, so that stood out to me! I had never heard of her, but I’m so glad that I have now!

We had free-time next, where I got to hang out with Diverse City (TobyMac’s band). A lot of people come to their free-time, also known as “Rock With The Band.” This is where you get to sing on stage with the band. How cool is that? VERY! Although I didn’t get to sing, it was still very awesome to watch people get to be up there.

Dinner and a TobyMac concert followed, which I was completely cool with! It’s awesome to worship with Toby, and I got a front row spot to watch my inspiration rock the stage. It was a struggle to get up front, but thanks to my friends Caitlin and Mckenzie, I got to! (Thanks again guys!) I got most of the concert on video, but then at the end I got to dance on stage with Toby. I hope that’s not the last time we share a stage together 🙂

Meeting Toby again was fantastic. I feel so blessed to get to be at Camp, and stuff like this happens and rocks my world. I am sad that Camp is coming to an end soon, but I am grateful that God allowed me to get to be here!




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