Shelly Moore is Exquisite in Her Album ‘Unraveling’

Review Date: 07/08/14
Review By: Jessica Morris
Release Date: 11/13/2012
Rating: [usr 9]

Singer/songwriter Shelly Moore shows an unusual aptitude towards the old and the new styles of music. With hints of a Celtic sound and frequent intervals to the worn pages of the hymn book, one could be mistaken for thinking that her album Unraveling (Veiled Music) is a tribute to the beauty of old. Rather, the North Carolina based singer shows a refinement and simplicity throughout all 10 tracks, and her hauntingly beautiful vocals join with a superb musical composition to display the best of both traditional and contemporary Christian music.

Opening with “Anchor,” listeners are taken to a different place through the piano and string driven melody. Much like the rolling waves, Moore uses the music to communicate the struggles of life as her strong yet graceful vocals speak of the anchor we have in Christ. The introduction of an electric guitar gives it a contemporary flavor while still relying on elements of classical music theory. Together, these components work to take the listener on a melancholy and evocative journey.

“To Our God” continues on this exquisite voyage and will draw you into worship. With the addition of a male harmony, the latter half of the song climaxes as Moore recounts the victory we have in Christ saying, “The curse of death has been defeated, for I have power over the grave.” Following on with “Redeemed Ones,” listeners are treated to an up-tempo track. A song of celebration, this has an organic vibe and is definitely a radio friendly hit. “Hymn 27” takes listeners back to the beauty of traditional Christian worship before we are introduced to “Unraveling.” Beginning acapella, this is a riveting and honest track. Containing a sincere and vulnerable message about holding onto God when we have nothing left, this song is a highlight of the album.

“Ready” displays Moore’s deep conviction about being prepared to serve and fight for the Lord, before she delivers the acoustic driven, “Tie That Binds.” In this, she chronicles how a dependence on God is needed to maintain a marriage. Finishing her album with the ethereal sounds of “Crown Him” and a revised version of the classic hymn “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus,” listeners are given the love song “Stay the Night” as a parting gift.

Filled with facets of traditional classic music and an understanding of the new, Moore’s album Unraveling is delicate to the ear but full of strength for the heart. Fans of Bethany Dillon and Brooke Fraser will warm to Moore immediately.  Add this treasure to your collection and buy your copy today!

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