Mr. Del (Delmar Lawrence) is a pastor, author, producer and artist who has been releasing solo projects and developing Urban Gospel and Christian artists and groups for over ten years with his Holy South and Dedicated Music Group labels. After a successful career in mainstream hardcore rap, the Memphis music mogul made the life changing move to Christian music. Mr. Del raps and preaches a message of righteousness and hope through his non-traditional sermons and unfiltered hip-hop music.

Mr. Del’s 2007 installment Hope Dealer spawned the hits “Oh My God”, “U Can Do It 2” and a special guest feature from Grammy Award Winning Jazz great Kirk Whalum. An innovator in Christian Hip-Hop/Rap and kingdom swag is dealing a second dose of “hope”. Hope Dealer 2 dropped on all digital music retail outlets today and was released on Mr. Del’s Memphis based Urban music label Dedicated Music Group (DMG) and Universal Music Christian Group.

Hope Dealer 2 features collaborations with dynamic Christian Hip-Hop/Rap and Urban Gospel artists that are also Mr. Del’s long-time friends and colleagues: The Gospel Gangstaz,  Andale’, D-Maub, Still Trill Christians, Freeway Ricky Ross and The DMG Family.

Mr. Del continues to grow his evidential brand in Christian Hip-Hop/Rap music, impactful Urban Ministry, mass guerrilla marketing and signature kingdom swag. His discography of hits and projects span over 15 years and include: The Future (EMI Gospel, 2005); Holy Hip Hop: Taking The Gospel To The Streets, Vol. I (Grammy® nomination Best Rock Gospel Album); and Thrilla (2010 GMA Dove Award nomination Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year, debuted at #2 on Billboard Christian R&B/Hip Hop Chart).

His longevity and innovation in music has garnered the respect and collaborations with legendary hip hop artist Cheryl “Salt” James of Salt-N-Pepa, Fabo of D4L, world renowned jazz artist Kirk Whalum, soulful singer Lisa McClendon, CCM multi-award winning group Out of Eden, musician and singer Debra Killings and label mate Canton Jones. In 2013, he released his first book, Soul Ties: How to Detox From Toxic Relationships.

Hope Dealer 2 track list:
1. Intro (feat. Freeway Rick Ross)
2. Godnipulated
3. Harvest (feat. Murk & Archangel)
4. H’z Up (feat. Andale, D-Maub, & Pettidee)
5. J-E-S-U-S (feat. Murk)
6. I’m Ghost (feat. Young Memphis)
7. I’m Living (feat. Young Memphis)
8. Itchin’ (feat. Young Memphis)
9. Epidemic (feat. Gospel Gangstaz)
10. Walking Dead (feat. Still Trill Christians)
11. Nu Creature (feat. Murk & Rod G. Newman)
12. Let It Go (feat. D. McGhee)
13. When Men Don’t Worship (On Dat)
14. Game Over

Mr. Del “Hope Dealer 2” is available at all digital retailers now.

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