Children are lovable beings. They are cute and innocent. They believe everything you tell them. They don’t accept every information as truth because they are dumb but because they trust that you would not lie to them; they believe you to be trustworthy. But aging comes with using the mind to analyze and rationalize everything and we lose that innocence. We believe what our minds tell us instead of what our hearts are trying to convince us of.

Then he said to them, “I can guarantee this truth: Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven-Matthew 18:3 (GW).

That is why God wants us to have child-like faith – pure, unadulterated faith with logic and rationalism. With God, you can only live by faith. Faith cannot be rationalized. It is either you believe with your heart or you don’t. When you do, you keep your heart free from being second-guessed with what the world describes as practical and realistic.

When God says He will be with you through the storm, He expects us to believe that and not to rethink what kind of ‘storm’ He is capable of taking us through. And when He says He will deliver us from our enemies, He doesn’t mean we should choose which ones to fight by ourselves and which ones to hand over to Him. It is either you are all in or out – no in between.

The same way you are pleased when a child totally believes what you say to him/her, that is how God is pleased when we trust Him completely. Trust Him like a child and you will never go wrong.


Inspired by “Faith Like A Child” track by Jars of Clay.


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