Archers Rise Release A New Volley With Jupiter Bound EP

Review Date: 7/2/14
Review By: Angel Journey
Release Date: 6/3/14
Rating: [usr 8]

Releasing their second EP Jupiter Bound with Save the City Records, Archers Rise builds upon their independent and self-titled EP of 2013. The band features guitarist and lead vocalist Tom Cox (formerly of Falling up), Lee Edwards on bass, Jeremiah Wilson on drums, and Matthew Flood on keys. To produce the KickStarter-funded album, the Oregon-based quartet teamed up with Jeff Schneeweis of Number One Gun and created a strong collection of astral sounds and solid lyrics.

Kicking off the EP with a fun track, “Sway With Me,” is a peppy serenade, with verses such as “Wake up, I see that you’ve been sleeping and it’s time to get up. The sun is rising and it’s moving us together.” While the words might seem trivial, the musical presentation elevates the words as the guitar riffs, drum rhythms, and synth melodies blend well with the vocals to form a great, punk rock groove.

Next “Jupiter Bound” throws you into the club with a solid four-on-the-floor kick. As the title-track builds in intensity, the lyrics help increase the suspense by creating a feeling of searching. “Explode through the skies, we leave behind these curses, there must be cure.” What is the cure? Where can it be found? Take a listen and find out!

Slowing things down a notch, the track “Ivy” is reminiscent of the experimental sounds of Falling Up, and those sounds are executed beautifully. While Tom’s vocals shine, the fantastical melodies and pulsating rhythms generate a resonance that will have you put the song on repeat. The lyrics take on a theme of holding onto hope and to not fear being your true self. “Become who you are, you don’t ever have to fear. You can fall down and I will be there.”

Bringing us another upbeat track, “Hello Sweetpea” depicts those fuzzy feelings we get when we notice that “cute someone” for the first time, and offers a few good pick up lines. Take verse two: “Girl just take my hand, and we can dance. May be the only night, may be the only chance.” As with the first track, the melodies and tempo pump up the lyrics and create a catchy tune.

Mirrors” takes on a rather haunting vibe as the first verse conjures images of rather ghastly monsters. “There it is crawling, silently evolves. The hunting, the horror consumes us all.” This a great piece that calls on us to engage in introspective soul-searching. My interpretation of us seeing “the beast is coming” is us looking into the mirror and seeing our selfish natures, our sinful flesh. But when we remember “the blood poured out,” we recognize we have victory in Christ’s love.

Balancing out the heaviness of the previous track, “Pockets,” the last track, is a sprightly ballad with endearing lyrics and invigorating melodies. “If love had a dream, it would be you, it would be me. A new chemistry no science has ever seen.”

Archers Rise - Jupiter Bound
Archers Rise – Jupiter Bound

Only six tracks deep, this EP brings us a glimpse into what Archers Rise is capable of. They display their ability to lyrically wield a double-edged sword as they move through warmhearted poetry pieces as well as complex, resonating themes. We also hear a consistent and firm skill of musically elevating a song to a pleasing fruition by using various tones and rhythms to enhance a song’s motif. With this being just a short glance, we can hope that a full-length album is in the near future for Archers Rise, but in the mean time we can thoroughly enjoy Jupiter Bound.

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