You Decide The Fate Of Steven Cooper’s Career – it ends. or begins.

For weeks there’s been widespread speculation what Steven Cooper’s “it ends. or begins.” campaign was specifically all about, and fans have been anxiously waiting for June 24th to arrive to find out. That wait is now over. Steven Cooper has revealed all through the video below so give it a watch to find out or, if you don’t have time to watch the video, read the brief summary of it below the video…


The campaign works like this. Steven Cooper won’t be putting out ANY new music until 100,000 copies of his last album are given away. The album is FREE on his website. As the campaign progresses, fans will unlock new material such as the “Stone Cold Heart” music video.

The day that 100,000 giveaways is reached, the new One Night Out EP will drop the SAME DAY, making it the first album where the fans decide IF / WHEN it comes out. Until we reach the goal, NOTHING more will release.


So, without further ado, head on over to Steven’s website and download your free copy of Stereotype, his latest album, and then share the link as far and wide and with as many people as possible. Alternatively, you can share this article.

Yesterday, Steven released what could potentially be the last single he ever releases, “Shake” feat. Nikki Lynette, and if you didn’t hear it yesterday, you can hear and purchase that song here.

Steven Cooper’s career ends. or begins. – let’s make it the latter of those!

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