New Video: King Wes – Unstoppable






Artist: King Wes
Song/Video: Unstoppable
Album: The Shutdown


Single Details & Song Meaning (from artist): In this world you may face all type of adversity but God in his Word reminds us that we are in this world but not of this world! So as a Christian we have God’s power available to us to overcome all situations no matter what. Simply put when you walk in your God given authority you become “Unstoppable”!


Current/Upcoming Projects: King Wes will be dropping his new album “The Shutdown” in August.


King Wes Bio (from artist): King Wes (Wesley Tate) grew up in the notorious Cooper Green Housing Projects located in the heart of an impoverished Birmingham, AL community where he and most of his childhood friends and acquaintances would find themselves heavily immersed in a lifestyle of dangerous criminal, gang and drug warfare activities. Every day was a constant struggle to survive a bleak existence in an environment that did not seem to harness any possibilities of hope for a better life or way of living.

Despite the statistical odds against him, including being the survivor of two attempts of murder against his life, King Wes was able to leave that life behind him although the road would prove to be far from easy. Through the years and with a new found love, relationship and understanding of Christ in his life, King Wes, his beloved wife and family would find a way to keep their faith and trust in the Lord as they endured trials and tribulations on their journey to a better life and with building their relationship and family structure around Christ their redeemer, rock and foundation.

Through this process of growth, maturity and evolution as a man of God, King Wes did not immediately realize that his love for music, relationship with Christ and his previous life experiences would be the answer to many of the problems faced by his peers and the youth of today whom he passionately ministers to.

As a gospel rap artist with a hard core street delivery that brings forth realistic depictions of life, heartache, pain and struggles in low-income communities, King Wes also blends in the message of truth and victory through Jesus the Christ as warrior searching to bring lost souls into God’s Kingdom. With his non-traditional approach and no-holds bar delivery, he places emphasis on having a direct and true relationship with Jesus versus following man or man made traditions that may hinder or confuse one’s personal growth, walk and relationship with the Lord.

Through his obedience to the Lord, King Wes has found himself constantly being called upon to assist with bridging the gap between the streets and the church. King Wes is an artist with cross-over appeal who has been making an explosive impact in the streets and the church regardless of the age, ethnicity or gender of his listening audience.


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