it ends. or begins. For Steven Cooper Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Kansas City, Missouri based artist Steven Cooper, one of the hardest working and talented artists out there, will be making history. Other than those in the know, no-one quite knows what tomorrow holds, all people know is “it ends. or begins.” for Steven Cooper tomorrow, that it has something to do with the world’s first “flexible release date,” and that the video for “Stone Cold Heart” off his latest Stereotype album may or may not see the light of day at some point. Today he released his brand new, and potentially his last ever single, “Shake feat. Nikki Lynette” which can be heard below and bought on iTunes here.

Tomorrow determines the future of Steven Cooper’s career, there’s either a future to it, or there’s not. The song below may or may not be the last ever song Steven Cooper ever releases. So make sure you buy “Shake” on iTunes here, have an awesome dance party tonight, and then stay locked to Steven Cooper’s social medias tomorrow for the ground-breaking announcement.

Tomorrow, it ends. or begins.

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