Nick Vujicic’s Motivational Minutes: Episodes 31-40

The popular inspirational speaker Nick Vujicic unveiled his new 60 episode “Motivational Minute” series on YouTube at the start of May. After the first ten episodes I thought it would be a nice idea to collect all of the “Motivational Minutes” released so far all together in one place and so I did. I also vowed to do the same thing with every set of ten that are released, so you can view episodes 11-20 here, episodes 21-30 here, and episodes 31-40 can be found below…


31. Being Thankful

32. Practice Makes Perfect

33. Seeds Planted, Patience

34. Fruit That Grows

35. Ingredients For Happiness

36. Vision

37. Being Number 1

38. A Good Father

39. A Good Husband

40. The Power Of Generosity

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