Kim Dexter Reaches Out To People Everywhere With New Album

Review Date: 06/13/14
Review By: Maddy Agers (13)
Release Date: 06/10/14
Rating: [usr 8]


Kim Dexter is a woman of many talents! She is a singer – songwriter, wife, and mother who resides in Orange County, California. Formerly of the band Mayfair Laundry, she is now performing solo and will sometimes pack up her family and go on tour.

She came out with new album Reaching on June 10th, and is signed to Elevate Entertainment. “’Reaching’ is more of a worship project than anything I have done in the past, yet is still revealing of what God has been doing in my life,” says Dexter. “I perform a lot of concerts, lead worship at a lot of churches and also sing and speak at women’s conferences and retreats, so this album really has songs for all of those communities. I sing of God’s unbelievable grace and mercy, which He continually pours out on us, and His daily salvation, knowing everything that touches my life has to first pass through the hands of God. Whatever I’m experiencing He’s allowed and He will use it for my best. When we let go of everything, we can live in true freedom.”

I was very excited to hear this album. It’s interesting to have an artist who performs as diversely as she does on a worship album. I mean, she used to be in a Christian rock band! She is all over the place – women’s retreats, concerts, various churches, etc. She even wrote the title song to the children’s series “Bibleman” that I grew up watching all the time. How cool is that?!!

She started the album out with a song called “Remain” – which is completely beautiful! It is the kind of song you bask in while you worship. It’s a message of how God’s perfect love will always remain and I’m excited to see how far across the world this worship music will travel. It will surely bless a lot of people!

The title of “In This New Year” just sounds interesting, and sure enough, Mrs. Dexter did not disappoint. It is a prayer of grace and love over this new year, and I feel like it’s something we can all use. She did such a great job on this song – and this album as a whole. Here is my favorite excerpt of the song:

I finally breathe freely,
In this new year.
I find you,
I see you,
In this new year.

Wow. Just wow.

We Lift Our Eyes” sounded a lot like Hillsong to me – which means it sounds great because I love Hillsong! She made it sound very cool in the chorus of the song. It’s going to be a popular song amongst worship bands, and it’s easy to see why Mrs. Dexter has been so successful with her music – she honors God while writing awesome music!

The unique song “Reaching” is both modern and lovely. There is a soft beat throughout the song, and a peaceful chorus within a powerhouse of great lyrics. Kim did very well on this song. She is talking to God throughout the song, and stays very relatable – as if it were you or me talking to God. That is quite special to me. It’s a Sunday-morning-drive-to-church song that sets the tone for a great church service. I absolutely love this song!

Another great aspect to this album was that Jason Dunn was featured on Kim’s song “Our Souls Cry Out.” I can’t stop listening to this song. It’s so good! Having Dunn featured on this made it great, and these two should definitely do more work together. It’s one of the best duos I have heard. Ever. You’ve gotta give it a listen.. Or two.. Or three! Seriously. So good.

Kim also added the song “Freedom” to the mix of greatness. It’s catchy and fun, but more importantly – meaningful. It’s not easy to make that happen, but that mixed with the instrumental features, and this song is gold. I love, love, love this song. It’s amazing – and just in time for the Fourth of July! This is a new summer jam guys. Go do yourselves a favor and get it!

Mrs. Dexter closed off the album with the ever-so-fun song “Here To Save” – also my favorite song off the album. There are many awesome features in this song, and it even has a party chorus! What more can you ask for? I can’t wait to add this song to my summer playlist. I absolutely love this song…And this album!

All in all, this album is amazing. I am excited to see this album take off, and also excited to keep these songs on repeat. If you haven’t allowed yourself the privilege of hearing some of Kim’s work, you need to do so right now. I can’t say enough good things about this album! I will close this out with a quote Kim Dexter stated in reference to her album:

God is always pursuing us, reaching through darkness, loss, and human frailty to the depths of our hearts,” she says. “In response to this kind of love, I am reaching for more of Jesus and for the highest call He has placed on my life. I always lean on what it says in Philippians 3:13: ‘But one thing I do: Forgetting the past and reaching forward to what lies ahead’…


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