Maranatha! Music Releases The Eden Projects’ Empowering DVD

Maranatha! Music and global organization, The Eden Projects, releases the empowering DVD, “A Convenient Answer,” aiming to encourage people to make a difference in the world by protecting, restoring, and caring for the environment. The new, interactive Bible-based study explains the significance of God’s creation care plan for humankind.

“A Convenient Answer” strives to create a solution and care strategy that heals the environment while encouraging others to overcome poverty and oppression. It’s comprised of several sessions that will equip people with the tools they need to restore the land, and also inspire others to protect the planet.

Eden Projects employs thousands of impoverished nationals in Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Haiti to plant million of trees each month at only ten cents per tree,” said Steve Fitch, President and Founder of The Eden Projects. “The remarkable thing about Eden’s work is this simple cost effective plan is transforming the workers lives even as they restore healthy forest systems. In the series ‘A Convenient Answer,’ the listeners will gain a biblical understanding of creation care, look honestly at the negative consequences when we neglect creation, and how the people of God are uniquely positioned to make the world a much better place.

“A Convenient Answer” is now on sale and available at Christian retailers around the country.



Story Source: TKO Marketing

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Eden Reforestation Projects plants millions of trees every month in Ethiopia, Madagascar and Haiti, restoring farmland, forests and wildlife. Seedling care and planting is done by indigenous employees who are now able to feed their families, afford medical care, and send their children to school. Planting trees and saving lives has earned Eden the right to be heard in highly resistant spiritual cultures. For more information on The Eden Projects, visit