Planetshakers Rock The Universe With “Endless Praise”

Review Date: 05/23/2014
Review By: Maddy Agers (13)
Release Date: 03/11/2014
Rating:  [usr 8]

There’s nothing better than a good worship album to rock out to, and it seems that Planetshakers is able to give you just that on their latest album Endless Praise. Plus, the album is live! Live albums are my favorite because it’s almost like you’re really there at the concert! If you haven’t heard of Planetshakers, let me fill you in a bit.

Planetshakers’ new album was recorded in Melbourne, Australia. The band was originally formed in 1997 to lead worship for the first Planetshakers Awakening Conference in Australia. The band led over 200,000 people to Christ at just one event in Asia, and continues to do big things all over the world. Oh – and if you would like to see the band live, they’ll be on tour in nine states over the U.S. and seventeen countries worldwide!

On to the album! The first song was “Endless Praise“. I really like this song! It’s upbeat and electronic sounding, but it’s still a worship song. Not only is it fun to listen to, it’s also very catchy. I can tell this will be a hit for people of all ages to jam out to. Everyone needs to hear this song, because everyone will love it!

Leave Me Astounded” is a great song and a prayer to God for Him to show His astounding love to us. It features a male and female voice, a slower but beautiful background, and some amazing lyrics, like this:

Lord we run
Into your loving arms
We’re safe and secure in Your arms
You’re the only love that satisfies me

How can you NOT love this song?

We Are Free” reminds me a lot of a Hillsong track. It’s all about, as you may have guessed, how we are free. It’s a drum based song, and it has a great instrumental feature! I absolutely love this song, and the message is so reassuring. If you have not heard this song, check it out! Besides the awesome drum part, the instrumental solos are really awesome, too!

Set Me Ablaze” was an awesome song, and is a long one as well. One plus to live albums is that they have a lot of longer songs, and the band gets to really dig into the message and goal of the song. As with any other song on this album, this sounds amazing and is great for a car praise session. It reminds me a lot of Hillsong, and I love that aspect of it!

Oh Your Love” had to have set a party off in the church. This song is SO much fun! I love this song very much, and I have a feeling everyone will when they get the chance to hear it. There is a lot of trumpet featured in this one, and I’m very impressed with the song.

The song “No Other Name” is amazing! It’s simple and still powerful. It definitely grabs your attention as the shout of love and thankfulness pours out one thing: love. If you are looking for a fresh worship song while sticking to worship roots, this is the song for you. Chill out with your favorite beverage and bask in the message of this song.

Dance” is my favorite song off the album. It’s very electronica pop while maintaining a great message, awesome beat, and talking all about God. I like how modern this song is, and it’s just a rocking out jam. The freestyle of sounds in the middle is really cool. If you haven’t heard this song, you are missing out so check out the live video of it below. Get your dance moves on and jam out with someone fun to this song!

Turn It Up” is a lot of fun, just as “Dance” is. I’m fairly certain there will be a lot of jumping around and crazy head banging to this song! It proclaims a wonderful banner of love and gives off a great vibe. I cannot wait to see how churches everywhere will have celebrations to this song! The crowd gets to sing in this song, which I love. Y’all need to check this album out!

All in all, I love this album. After you hear this album, I’m pretty sure you’ll be obsessed with Planetshakers for weeks to come. I say this album deserves a lot of praise, and if you like this album as much as I do, you need to go let the band know. Great job Planetshakers, and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future!


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