Like a ship at sea which faces a fierce storm, we are all bound to face challenges from time to time. But as human as we are, our survival skills vary as much as the time zones of the world. Some people cry out for help at the mere threat of a pending storm, others wait until the situation is out of their hands before they ask for help and others refuse to ask for help at all. If it has happened to them, then it means only they can deal with it. And there are others who just take life very lightly – “Nothing is as bad as it seems, it will blow away, it is just a phase.”

Instead of dealing with their problems, some people prefer to comfort themselves by comparing themselves with other people who may be confronting the same problem so they would feel better about themselves. They pat themselves on the back saying, “If X is going through the same thing, it means it is not as bad as it seems, it is normal.” And before they know it, they have drowned themselves in self-destructive illusions of being stuck in an ‘out-of-my-hands-problem.’

Instead of looking at the one who has the solution, why do we look at the people around us who are stuck with their problems like you? We prefer to feel comfortable in our sinking ship because after all, we are not the only people going down.

Instead of throwing up our hands in the air in despair, find yourself on your knees and ask for help from the one who makes a way out of no way and the one who can provide springs of water in the desert and light in utter darkness. You don’t need to concoct fancy words to get His attention, all it takes is a sincere heart and simple words like the following…

Hear, O LORD, and have mercy upon me: LORD, be thou my helper”- Psalm 30:10 (KJV). He is always ready to hear and help you. Remember, only He can calm the storm and rescue your ship.


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