Family Force 5 Go Absolutely BZRK In New Video

Ever since Soul Glow Activatur announced he was hanging up his gloves in this video last September and it was announced that Crouton would be the new frontman with Teddy “Hollywood” Boldt coming in as the new drummer, Family Force 5 fans, commonly referred to as 5ers, have been anxiously waiting to hear what the new Family Force 5 sounded like. That wait, as of just over an hour ago, is now over…(unless you’ve seen them live since Soli left of course!).

With their first album since Soli’s departure slated for release this Summer under new record label Word Entertainment, pre-orders for the new 15-track album commencing May 27, and the lead single “Let It Be Love” set to be added at radio on May 30th, Family Force 5 have released a brand new music video for “BZRK” off their upcoming album. The video, which sees FF5 going absolutely BZRK and destroying things left, right and center, also features rapper KB and can be seen below! So, without further ado, click play below, make it full screen and get ready to go completely bonkers…err, I mean BZRK…

You can find out more about their Word Entertainment signing and the new album here.

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