Rend Collective Master “The Art Of Celebration” With Joyous New Album

Review Date: 05/18/14
Review By: Maddy Agers (13)
Release Date: 03/17/14
Rating: [usr 9.5]

Have you checked out the new album The Art Of Celebration by Irish band Rend Collective? It’s a fun, upbeat album that you can tell the band was trying to be as creative and fun as possible with. In fact, the band started the creation of the album by picking out their favorite and most fun sounding instruments to work with. As band member Chris Llewellyn says, “Our process was to just pick out the instruments that seemed like fun to us and let the genre definition work itself out. We use an arsenal of the weird, wonderful, whimsical music toys, our native Irish folk instruments, some good old-fashioned rock’ n’ roll guitars, and even some synth-pop inspired elements.

If you’re looking for a good album to welcome in Summer with, this is the perfect album for you! Between the musical talents of the band, upbeat spirit they have, and the goal they have for their music – to build God’s kingdom here – you’re in for a real treat! Here’s what my thoughts were on this new album:

The band started the album off with the song “Joy.” It’s got the coolest instrumental part throughout the song and it’s got an amazing message. It’s also very neat that the album begins and ends with this song, making it begin and end with Joy! Here are my favorite lyrics of the song:

You’re the joy joy joy lighting my soul
The joy joy joy making me whole
Though I’m broken, I am running
Into Your arms of love

I was fascinated by the way the song “Burn Like A Star” was comparable to my life. It’s almost like they wrote this song from my prayers! I was very happy they put this on the album. It’s got this slower feel to the song until the chorus hits you with a bang! This is easily my favorite song on the album, and I absolutely love everything about it!

I’m pretty sure everyone who has heard the song “My Lighthouse” has had it stuck in their head for at least two weeks. This is probably the most catchy song I’ve heard this year. It’s also the song the kids I babysit make me play over and over while we dance to it. Long story short, everyone loves this song. Attached below this article is the music video. Be sure to check it out! The album also includes a live performance of the song, which I think is pretty awesome!

More Than Conquerors” definitely brings out the Irish side of the band, but I enjoy the diversity of styles, and I think it is so neat that Rend Collective brings different cultures into their music! This song talks about the fact that we are more than conquerors through Christ, and what better way to bring that out than with a lot of celebrating within a song?!

All That I Am” is my second favorite song of the album. Not only is this song backed up with a beautiful yet simple instrumental part, the band also wrote in the most breathtakingly beautiful words. And the more you listen to this song, the more you like it. Here are some lyrics from the song that should give you an idea of how lovely this song truly is:

“Selfish ambition and my pride
I’m giving up, I’m letting die
In these empty hands I have it all, have it all
The pure joy of knowing You, my Lord

All that I am for all that You are, my Lord
All that I have for all that You are, You’re the
Pearl beyond price, greater than life
All that I am for all that You are”

Immeasurably More” is a unique song that I really appreciated. It’s a praise to God in a song, and it had the delicate balance of not being upbeat, but not being slow. It’s not easy to successfully stand between that line, but it seems this band can pull off pretty much anything musically. I feel like this album was well thought out, and the songs were put in a perfect order!

Create In Me” is a plea to God to work in you. This is the perfect song for a drive to church or on a sunny afternoon – even a gloomy one. This is a great song for just about anything. We can use this prayer in our lives everyday – good or bad! I know that this will be a popular jam over the summer for me! I can’t wait to see the way this song affects people. This song will undoubtedly bless people everywhere!

The song “Simplicity” may be simple, but it’s message surely doesn’t affect you in a simple way. It’s a beautiful worship song, and I feel like a lot of churches will be using this song on Sundays. I can’t really explain this song’s power, so I’m just going to give you some lyrics from the song:

 “I come with my broken song
To You the Perfect One
To worship You
In spirit and truth
Only You
Only You

Give me a childlike heart
Lead me to where You are
Cause I’m coming back
To my first love
Only You

You’re the reason I sing
The reason I sing
Yes my heart will sing
How I love You
And forever I’ll sing
Forever I’ll sing
Yes my heart will sing
How I love you”

The album was ended with a remix of the song “Joy”. They couldn’t have ended the album better. I’m so grateful to be a small part of the worldwide audience that gets to hear this album. There is a consistent pour of love and peace throughout this album. I’m very excited to get to introduce this album to you if you are just now hearing about it. Go get this album now!


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