KT Hallel Releases Retro Influenced Summer Jam “City Boi”

Review Date: 05/14/14
Review By: Christopher Johnson
Release Date: 02/08/14
Rating: [usr 9]

Safehouse Music founder and CEO KT Hallel wears many hats, and one of them just happens to be ‘dope MC’.  “City Boi” will bring back memories for those who remember the 80’s music scene (this review is spoiler free as to the specific source of inspiration).

Tulsa based Hallel and his Safehouse Music have been intentional about being so much more than a record label, so out of deference, that reference will be avoided here.  Safehouse provides mentorship and development of artists to show them how to use their gifts to be a positive example for others. Safehouse Music is also deeply entrenched in the community, promoting positive change through empowerment, and partnering with Youth for Christ to work with inner city youth.

“City Boi” is a high energy autobiographical account of someone who once was lost, but has been given a new lease on life through God.  The 80’s classic used for the backdrop is paralleled perfectly by Hallel’s on point cadence and lyrical craftsmanship.  The track is wildly entertaining and equally motivational.  No person is unreachable, and it is never too late to walk with God.  Throughout the track, Hallel delivers his lyrics in a refreshingly genuine way.  The joy that God promises to us all is clearly alive and well in KT.

Secular hip hop, be put on notice: “Corny” and “Wack” Christian Hip Hop is becoming more and more difficult to find, and with free to download tracks no less.  Here is yet another Christian hip hop joint for the collection that neither your pastor nor your secular music only friends will ask you to turn off.  There is also plenty of cross over appeal for those who may be more casual fans of hip hop or not even consider themselves fans of hip hop at all.

If “City Boi” is any indication of the entertainment value, and message worthiness of KT Hallel’s soon to be released Alive N Kickin, the album will be a smashing success on both fronts.


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