Righteouz Knight And Co Deliver Gem With “Without the Lord Imma Slave”

Review Date: 5/6/2014
Review By: Christopher Johnson
Release Date: 05/8/2014
Rating: [usr 9.5]

As a precursor to the release of Abstrakt Theory (due out Mid 2014), New Jersey based MC Righteouz Knight has enlisted the help of fellow microphone maestros R Kitect, and Freestyle Fam members Redeemed and Quest the Wordsmith.

Without the Lord Imma Slave” is the third official single from the upcoming album and, thanks to the features on the track, is easily an odds on favorite to be one of the most highly sought after tracks of 2014.  The theme of the track is spot on.  Life without God is a path that leads to nowhere, at least not anywhere anyone should want to go.  The (ac)knowledge(ment) of what God sacrificed should be the starting point of all decisions made, what is worthy of being sought after, and how one’s priorities get laid out.

As for its musical merits, “Slave” offers four examples of microphone mastery that will leave even the most stoic of hip hop fans with their jaw hitting the ground, possibly hard enough to break one’s mandible.  The beat hits hard, and coupled with the cadence of the lyrics being delivered “Without the Lord Imma Slave” will inject your veins with an adrenaline rush making you feel like you could break through a brick wall (JesusWired insists that you at least attempt to refrain from doing so).  Each of the four MC’s have a mastery of the art of spitting bars that few can claim.  The fact that these artists are all somewhat flying under the radar right now is a bit perplexing to say the least.

Perhaps part of the reason that the four are not as well known as their talent should lend them to be, is that they individually and collectively fight the status quo in the Christian Hip Hop community.  The idea that because it’s Christian, it’s automatically good is not a philosophy adopted by any of the MC’s on this track.  Their brand of hip hop absolutely glorifies God but parallels that with challenging their peers to pursue excellence in their craft.  There is nothing wrong with demanding that one’s peers put forth their best, in fact it’s biblical (Proverbs 22:29 – “Do you see a man skillful in his work?  He will stand before Kings; He will not stand before obscure men”).

If you are looking at your library of Christian Hip Hop wishing you had something to play for your friends that are stuck in the world of secular garbage rap, here you go.

Don’t be surprised if your favorite hip hop artist’s album gets delayed this year once “Without the Lord Imma Slave” makes its rounds.  This free to download single is going to send a lot of planned commercial releases back to the drawing board.


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