I’m not the best at introductions. I once had a potential employer ask me to talk about myself for 1 minute and it resulted in a barrage of useless information including the fact that I like the color pink, that I am a twin, and that I like penguins. Well, maybe I didn’t mention penguins, but it’s a definite possibility given that I’d woken up 5 minutes prior and ran to my computer when I realized I’d completely messed up the Australia to America time difference. Long story short, I actually got the job. So hopefully you’ll find this introduction more charming than awkward as I extend a cyber-handshake to you and say, “Hi, I’m Jessica!”

I’ve been writing for JesusWired for a few months now and absolutely love it. As a journalist it is phenomenal when you are able to write about something you believe in, and Iain and the team have allowed me to do this extensively. They have also accepted my fan girl tendencies without hesitation, possibly because they possess the same obsession for music as me!

42821_penguin-family_ov6heons5l34jtainiivhu6ox7ncurxrbvj6lwuht2ya6mzmafma_610x406Given that I am beginning a column on JesusWired.com, I suppose I better list off some non-penguin related facts and credentials so you know who I am. I’m Australian (Yes I can say G’day, no I don’t say it every day), and I live near Melbourne. I graduated with a degree in Journalism and Media and Communications in 2011 and also hold a certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology. I work as a freelance journalist and have had work published by RELEVANT magazine and JesusFreakHideout among others. Overall, this is fancy jargon saying that I like writing and I know Christianity 101, so hopefully we’ll get along just fine!

When we were throwing around titles for this column, Iain and I quickly settled on ‘Jessica’s Journal’ largely because it’s hard to find something that alliterates with Jessica, but also because I am passionate about writing from the heart. I hope that as you read my column you feel as though I am in the same room as you, having a conversation about faith, life and music. I love popular culture and will happily read about my favorite celebrities and the next Marvel film; and I believe that there is a place for Jesus in this. Additionally I also like to focus on mental health. I interned with the incredible non-profit To Write Love On Her Arms late last year, and as someone who lives with an anxiety disorder and depression, it is important to me that I write about a topic which many of us experience but few talk about.

So friend; May I call you that? Welcome to Jessica’s Journal! I look forward to exploring our life and faith together, with a sprinkle of Aussie slang and a love of American culture in between. I’m excited to share this adventure with you!


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