Exclusive Premiere: Anthony Mareo – Im A Believa ft. Los

The Florida based singer/songwriter and producer Anthony Mareo releases his brand new single “Im A Believa” feat. Los today and JesusWired is proud to bring you the exclusive premiere of the single with accompanying visuals (see below). “Im A Believa” is available for free download here and is the second single from Anthony Mareo in 2014, after his “Unrequited Love” single in February. There are more singles in the pipeline, and even an EP in the works too sometime down the line, so “Get Plugged In!” to us below to stay up to date with all the latest from Anthony Mareo as he continues to impact the world through his music.

Review By Christopher Johnson
Rating = [usr 9]

“Im A Believa” is one of those rare faith based songs that has enormous crossover appeal without feeling like a “Christian version of…”.  Anthony Mareo and Los have proven that a song with a killer hook and production value on par with the Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott and Timbaland segment of the hiphop /R&B world can also be packed with a positive, redeeming message of hope and encouragement.

The cleverness of “Im A Believa” is that the beat, hook and guest hip hop spot are so insanely entertaining that the message almost sneaks into one’s subconscious and will hit the listener like a ton of bricks when one realizes (probably approximately halfway through the first play through) that they were just simultaneously entertained and encouraged by God’s promise of unconditional love and support, especially through tough times.

Mareo and Los’s “Im A Believa” will no doubt leave the listener researching the inventor of the repeat functionality of their respective media playing device and sending said inventor a thank you letter.

Download “Im A Believa” for free:
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Download “Unrequited Love” for free here.

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