Southbound Fearing To Release New Album “Undefeated” on May 27th

Ohio rockers Southbound Fearing are gearing up to release their third LP, titled Undefeated on May 27th.  This highly anticipated album will showcase the bands songwriting with the songs “Easy Way Out” and “Standing In The Way.” Be sure to pre-order the album at Red Cord Records online store.

“Undefeated is our most honest and most straightforward rock record yet. No filler, no gimmicks, just rock and roll! I can’t wait for our fans to hear these songs!” -Brady Leonard (vocals/guitar)

In support of the album release, Southbound Fearing will be hitting the road on the “Undefeated Tour” with label-mates Random Hero starting April 30th in Melvindale, Michigan. As a special treat to the fans, the band will have physical copies of Undefeated available all tour.

Here is the track list for Undefeated:

1. Undefeated

2. No One Owes Us Anything

3. Brave New World

4. Guns Blazin’

5. Chaos

6. Easy Way Out

7. You and What Army

8. Swords and Ears

9. Fight Another Day

10. Standing in the Way


If you haven’t watched the music video for the song “Easy Way Out,” you can watch it below:


Story Source: Red Cord Records

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