Through Maddy’s Eyes: DC Talk Reunion Is Worth All 20 Years Of The Wait!

I am a crazy TobyMac fan. I’ve been to so many of his shows that I can tell you when he’s going to move to the next part of his concert set-list. Well, I can tell you a LOT about TobyMac. I will always be a crazy TobyMac fan, but as a part of that, I will always have a deep appreciation in my heart for DC Talk. DC Talk’s music is still played on radio stations and still popular among music fans even 20 years after their album Jesus Freak came out. The wonderful things that were accomplished by three young men with hearts full of Jesus, and music talents like no other, are astounding. Plus, who else likes to watch old DC Talk music videos in their spare time?

There’s always been talk of a reunion among the three members- Kevin Max in Audio Adrenaline, Michael Tait a part of Newsboys, and TobyMac with his solo career. I’ve always followed along with this talk, because it’s on my bucket list to see the band that no longer is together, but that will always be together in my heart. It’s been quite a wait, but maybe that wait is shorter than you think.

GMA is hosting an honor award ceremony for new Gospel Hall of Fame inductees and for recipients of honors awards. Among those appearing as a musical guest will be none other than the legendary DC Talk band. If you just processed this in your mind and you didn’t start dancing and screaming around like a fool, then shame on you. Because this is seriously AWESOME stuff, guys.

I’ll just cut to the chase and let you know that this performance will be held in Nashville at Lipscomb University on April 29th and will start at 6:00 in the evening. General Admission is $25.00, but you can buy tables, tickets that include dinner, and all that fancy stuff.

As if DC Talk wouldn’t be enough, they added in a number of other extremely talented musicians including Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, and Rich Mullins (who will be inducted into the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame). This. Is. EPIC. Don’t be too sad if you miss it though. There is talk of a DC Talk reunion outside of this performance, but tickets are said to be quite a bit more expensive, so that’s something you may want to keep in mind.

If you are interested, the details for this event are posted here.

That’s all, folks! Let’s stay hopeful that a reunion will come to fruition and we’ll get to see this greatness happen!


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