A little over an hour ago, the popular rock band Disciple launched a kickstarter campaign to fund their upcoming brand new album. The album is expected to be released around August time and, aside from founding member Kevin Young, will be the first album to feature the brand new Disciple line-up. Since the start of the campaign a little over an hour ago, $2795 has already been raised of the $45,000 target, a target they need to raise by May 18th, so, if you want to help Disciple raise the rest of the money needed to reach their goal, you can head on over to the campaign page below and help them raise the necessary funds by backing and pre-ordering their brand new album.

In the campaign video Kevin Young shares about the mission behind Disciple and what partnering with them to fund this new album is all about, “When disciple started its journey so many years ago, we knew we wanted to try to be a great band, with great songs, and a great live show, but we also knew we wanted those things to be secondary. we wanted our message to be the most important aspect of our band, not just a message of words, not just a message of hope, or self improvement, but a message about a man, a man whose one act of true love would rescue mankind from the curse that we all must face in this life…a message of Jesus.

He goes on to say, “And that very message still changes lives, and it still saves lives, and it’s those things that still drive us today and gives us the fire to keep going and keep doing what we’re doing. And so many years later we’re still want to try to be a great band, with great songs, and a great live show, but we want the most important thing about this band, and about this new album that we’re making, to be the message of Jesus Christ. We are asking you to partner with us, not just to be a part of the band, and not just to help us make a new album, but to join us in the unstoppable force that is the body of Christ, in telling the world about Jesus.

To find out more about the campaign and to view the various reward packages available, be sure to read the full campaign description and watch the accompanying video.

You really don’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity to back this project and for doing so you can receive some pretty sweet rewards in return – For example, for just $50, you could receive “THE RADICAL PACKAGE” with an early digital album 2 weeks prior to release date + 2 NEW songs before July 1st + an autographed CD 1 week prior to release date + an EXCLUSIVE Disciple bracelet + an EXCLUSIVE Disciple t-shirt designed for Disciple’s Kickstarter supporters! Other rewards include limited edition vinyl, signed drum heads, handwritten lyric sheet, your name in the credits, their entire physical discography  (from This Might Sting A Little onwards), a skype call with the band, VIP tickets to a disciple concert and dinner with the band, a game of golf with Kevin, a recording session, guitar lessons, VIP photo shoot, a chance to hang out in the studio with Disciple for the day, stage banner/backdrops, private concerts and much more.

As well as backing the project, or if you can’t help financially, be sure to spread the word about this campaign to all of your friends by sharing this article through all of your social networks and be sure to keep Disciple and this project in your prayers.

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