BEC Recordings’ The Museum will be releasing their third label release on May 6 titled What We Stand For. Radio will be introduced to the next chapter of The Museum’s music with the radio single “Saved My Soul” that goes for adds this Friday, April 11. While the Atlanta-based group has released two projects that have delivered pop-hooks listeners have been driven to, at the core they are worship leaders. This new album is reflective of their hearts for worship.

I’ve been leading worship for nearly a decade now. It’s my background, that’s my heart, that’s my passion, that’s what I do,” says The Museum’s lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Ben Richter. “When we started this band, that’s actually what we were doing. We were leading worship for a church youth group on the south side of Atlanta.

With What We Stand For, The Museum draws the proverbial line in the sand of who the band wants to be—and what it wants to accomplish. Guided by the call in Micah 6:8 to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God, What We Stand For is a bold statement about what believers should stand for, rather than rally against.

I continually see so many people bickering and fighting and speaking loudly about what we are against, but I want to come to the point where we as a Church are known for what we are for,” Ben shares. “That verse in Micah has been really clear on saying that if people know us for something, it should be those things. We want to use our platform to seek justice and mercy, and ultimately, that we have humility and just walk with God.”

Filled with honest songs of God’s goodness, grace and presence in life’s most difficult moments, What We Stand For is an invitation for listeners to celebrate, contemplate and draw close to God. What We Stand For also reflects the band’s lifelong commitment to advocating for social justice in their partnerships with Not For Sale and Compassion International and desire for the Church to be “the hope of the world.”

I think it’s so important for us to stand up and make a statement that we are for justice because God’s heart is for the poor and the widow,” Ben says. “We want to be known for who are as people of faith rather than the little things that we protest against. That itself can go a long way in bringing the world toward seeing who God is.”

You can listen to the single and watch the lyric video for “Saved My Soul” below.


Story Source: Merge PR

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Joining together back in 2008, their official name “The Museum” was born out of a trip drummer Josh took to Romania. He had the opportunity to be part of a large gathering in the same town square where communism had been overthrown in 1989. A nearby museum containing humble evidence of that revolution left an indelible impression, they quickly decided to be called “The Museum.” Their hope is for their music and ministry to be marked by the evidence that Christ has done a revolution in all of our hearts, and that we are all forever changed because of it. The band released their BEC Recordings’ label debut, Let Love Win, in 2010 followed by My Rescue in 2012. They have had two hit radio singles, “My Help Comes from the Lord” and “Allelujah.” The Museum has been featured in media outlets such as Religion, Blogcritics, CBN News, CCM Magazine,, Plan B Blog – Pastor Pete Wilson, and Youth Walk.

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