Artist: Bruce Parham
Track: Call Jesus
Album: Dwell Together

Have you ever had your back up against the wall and you didn’t know what you were gonna do?
Maybe you were ready to throw in the towel but you’ve watched God come through.
I know a God who’s concerned about every one of your situations.
All you gotta do is call on Jesus; He’ll be there.”

Life is filled with many disappointments and if we aren’t careful, we can easily become consumed by them. In order to reign victorious though, we simply have to focus on and call Jesus.

Consider the story of Joseph in the Old Testament.

Joseph had two dreams that he’d be in line for a promotion (Genesis 37:5-11) and shared this with his family. Instead of congratulating him they were riddled with jealousy and resentment which led to them throwing him into the pit (Genesis 37:23-24). Imagine the disappointment Joseph would have felt upon realizing that his own brothers didn’t support him! The pit was the perfect place to not only dwell on disappointment but for it to manifest.
If we then fast forward to when Joseph was thrown into prison for a crime he didn’t commit (Genesis 39:11-20), imagine the disappointment he felt then! Imagine how the bitterness and revenge would be forming from this initial feeling; imagine the temptation to entertain it.
Joseph had many opportunities in both the pit and in prison to dwell on disappointment and to allow it to manifest but he instead focused on God. If he hadn’t taken notice of God’s favor on him and had instead focused his efforts on disappointment, Joseph may never have fulfilled God’s purpose for his life and made it to the palace (Genesis 41:40).

From the story of Joseph we see that disappointments are merely stops on the way to our purpose. We also see just how important God’s presence is and how crucial it is that we take hold of Him. After all, He is always there for us.

So whatever disappointment you find yourself in, call Jesus as soon as you can.

If disappointment is on the horizon then call Jesus before it gets too close and entices you, because if you allow it to manifest itself then you will surely find yourself in the midst of temptation.

Call Jesus and know that at the end of your disappointment is a joy, a victory; a breakthrough.


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