Bible Teacher/Author Deborah Buckingham Ministers During Myanmar Trip

Bible teacher and author Deborah Buckingham, whose debut book, Nourishments, is set for a digital release April 8, recently returned from the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), where she served as part of a 10-person team, teaching indigenous pastors and students in remote regions of that Southeast Asian nation. Buckingham described her experiences in the historic land as life-changing.

It is hard to verbalize an experience that touches the soul to its core,” she says. “It was humbling to meet these remarkably gentle, loving and giving people.

The trip was filled with many miraculous moments, including a never before available opportunity when some Myanmar pastors traveled from a rural northern region, an area previously politically inaccessible to Westerners and believed to be devoid of any Christian churches, to the area where the teaching sessions were being held.

A highlight of the trip for Buckingham was the opportunity to visit an orphanage in the area. Years earlier, Buckingham’s husband, Greg Buckingham, helped rebuild and renovate that orphanage. The orphanage is now self-sustaining, and many of the children there have gone on to Bible school where they are studying to become pastors.

While in Myanmar, Deborah Buckingham took the opportunity to reach out to the women in the region. “We wanted to hear their personal stories about how the Lord was working in their lives, and wow, did we hear some amazing stories!” she says. “The ladies shared such heart-gripping stories, and over and over they shared how Psalm 23 or the Lord’s Prayer sustained them. They all praised God for His goodness, protection and provision.” While ministering to the women, Buckingham also washed the women’s feet and prayed a blessing over them.

Buckingham is set for the digital release of her debut book, Nourishments, on April 8. “My prayer is that the words found within the book will nourish your soul in such a way that you will thirst and hunger for more, more of Him,” she says.

The book was born out of Buckingham’s time as a stay-at-home mom while her husband, Greg, was building their successful family business. Desiring to remind her children of her love in the middle of their school days, while at the same time planting Scripture into their hearts during their youth, Deborah Buckingham formed a daily habit of tucking encouraging notes into the lunches of her school-age children.

The seeds for Nourishments were actually planted many years ago when my kids were in school,” Buckingham says. “I used to write little ‘nourishments’ on index cards and pop them in their lunch bag. The ‘nourishments’ included a Bible verse personalized for them. Sometimes the index card got thrown away along with the apple without being read, but many other times they would share with me later in the evening how the ‘nourishment’ spoke to them. In high school, my son would often tell me his friends would ask to hear the ‘nourishment’ of the day around the lunch table.”

Even as adults, we all need the nourishment of Scripture on a daily basis,” says Buckingham. “That’s what this book is all about.

The book is already getting rave reviews from industry insiders such as Paul Eshleman, vice president, Campus Crusade for Christ, who says “Deborah Buckingham helps us to uncover God’s love and heart for us in the nuggets of Nourishments she provides in this daily devotional book. Her insightful questions in the devotional help us to answer personally whether we are trusting in God’s marvelous promises.


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About Deborah Buckingham:
Deborah Buckingham has been a Bible study teacher for the past 15 years. She has taught everything from small groups of women in her home to large classes with hundreds of attendees. Her teaching journey began in Southern California and has expanded to teaching women in Jackson Hole, Wy. She also has taught at women’s retreats including an international gathering of women in Barcelona, Spain. Buckingham recently joined her husband as part of a teaching team to Myanmar pastors and Bible school students.

Although a country girl at heart–Deborah grew up in a small town in Ohio–she loves California where she and her husband Greg moved on their second anniversary and raised their son and daughter until relocating to Wyoming. Buckingham continues to speak at her California church, while also serving as a member of the teaching team at her church in Jackson Hole. Greg Buckingham has participated in numerous mission trips, including opening a shelter for abused women and children, helping rebuild in Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina, and working with Finishing The Task, a group that focuses on unreached people groups around the world.

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