Picture this:

You just woke up, only to realize you’ve woken up an hour late. Then you get ready quickly, only to pour yourself cereal and realize you’re out of milk. When you get to school, you recognize that you were so busy this morning that you forgot to make lunch. Now, you are going to be hungry all day. Great. Just great.

The rest of the day goes okay – until you get home and realize that you totally forgot about your backpack with all of your homework in it. How could you have forgotten? Ugh. Could this day get any worse?

Does this kind of day sound familiar? It sure does to me! You’re probably asking, “How can you possibly make ANYTHING good out of this?” I’m glad you asked☺

First of all, the solution to this problem has taken a lot of “bad days” for me to realize. But I’m here to tell you that there are plenty of ways to fix a bad day. Here are a few ways:

1) Remember this Bible verse.

“Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.” – Lamentations 3:23

Think about this for a second – God’s mercies are new every morning. That means every morning we have a new chance – a new chance to be who God is calling us to be. That means we wake up everyday and have an automatic refresh over us! We all forget this sometimes, and it’s a shame, because Jesus is not sitting up in Heaven saying “Oh, she spilled orange juice all over her new shirt. What a failure!” According to the Bible – which He wrote – He has new mercies on us everyday! Keep this in mind when you’re having “one of those days.”

2) Most of the ‘bad’ in a ‘bad’ day is your bad attitude

Yep. You heard me. Your attitude is one of the biggest reasons you’re having a bad day. Don’t try to tell me that after that late start to your morning you weren’t already huffing under your breath “this is going to be a bad day!” I’ve been there, and you aren’t alone if you’ve let one small issue ruin your whole day at least once. Instead of telling yourself how awful you think the day will be, try praying that Jesus gives you a positive attitude and a way to solve whatever you’re struggling with!

3) Smile! Smiling makes you happier – it’s a proven fact. You’ll find that it will be a much happier day if you’re radiating positivity!

I believe there is something good in every day. You’re breathing, you have a home, friends, a family – you are blessed! Do not let a few small incidents make your day awful. Instead, keep your mind on positive things, and be positive towards others! Now, it is perfectly normal to have a hard day or week – I know because I just had a hard week – but I made the most of the craziness in my life, and you can too. It’s not always easy to shine and be a God-showing Christian, but Jesus can help you make it easier. Every day is a chance to be full of life and showing Jesus wherever you go!

All in all, this is a resource you can keep in mind on those baddays. I know I need those small reminders to get through some days! Another thing you could do is listen to your favorite song – or “Beautiful Day” by Jamie Grace! You could also read a bit from your favorite book, magazine, or website! Sometimes all it takes is splashing yourself in the face with some cold water and calming yourself down. Do whatever works best for you, and remember to “turn your frown upside down!”

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