CentricWorship Debuts “Love Comes Down” Live Worship Music Video Today

CentricWorship unveiled the “Love Comes Down” live video yesterday, April 1st, as seen on YouTube and GodTube.  “Love Comes Down” crosses both musical genre and age demographic with its Americana stylings, appealing to young and old alike while glorifying the amazing grace and mercy of God’s love. The “Love Comes Down” live video features the reverent vocals and incredible songwriting talent of veteran worship band leader, Michael Farren, who along with co-writers Lauren Diagle (Centricity recording artist) and Seth Mosley (Billboard’s #1 Christian music producer), composed this up-beat yet impassioned worship song.

Writing a completed song in an hour doesn’t happen very often,” explains Michael Farren. “But I certainly love it when it does! ‘Love Comes Down’ was one of those such moments. The idea for the song was simply an overflow of a really sweet time of reflection and scripture reading with the other songwriters on our retreat. I remember being completely overwhelmed by a fresh revelation of Gods kindness towards me, and I pray that this song continues to carry that same revelation to those who hear it…’You placed mercy on my brow!’

“Love Comes Down” was written one afternoon during the CentricWorship retreat, when Michael Farren, Lauren Diagle, and Seth Mosley holed themselves up in Seth’s makeshift demo room and started to jam.  Looking out across the stunning scenery of the Methow Valley, the three songwriters found themselves enveloped in a moment of gratitude, and began rejoicing “I was lost now found, all my praise goes up as Your love comes down.” As word of the song quickly spread throughout the house, the other songwriters began sneaking up the stairs one at a time to catch a quick listen, until the song’s jazzy melody and redemptive message called them to burst through the door and join in the merriment.

This song was a nice surprise that we all got excited about right off the bat,” says CentricWorship founder, Steve Rice. “The afternoon ended up quite a party, with eight or more of us jumping in to put gang vocals on the demo. The writers officially introduced the song the next day during our worship time. It’s fun to sing and yet full of meaty doctrine.

The “Love Comes Down” live video is streaming now on YouTube (below) and on Godtube.

Digital copies of All the Saints: Live from the CentricWorship Retreat-No. 1 are available for download on iTunes.

To watch the live worship videos and lyric videos of your favorite CentricWorship songs, visit CentricWorship’s YouTube channel, and on GodTube. CentricWorship will be debuting more new videos throughout the month of April-be sure to check out the release schedule below!


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