We all have a past; we all exhibited attitudes we are not so proud of today. The ‘old man’ version of us was not compassionate, forgiving or gentle. It was all about what we stood to gain in every transaction be it business or personal. Vindictive and selfish were our aliases and we wore it proudly. We were blind to the things which really mattered and we didn’t know better.

But thank God for grace which found us wherever we were and gave us the chance to be part of God’s family. We became a ‘new creation’ when we believed and accepted Christ into our lives as Lord of our hearts and lives.

The problem which remains is, although we love and enjoy this new life we’ve found, we still seem to hang on to some of our old attitudes (Why? Because, most of our colleagues, bosses and friends are still in their old nature so to be able to survive in their midst, we have to play according to their rules). But that shouldn’t be.

We are urged by the scriptures to “…put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness”-Ephesians 4:24 (KJV).

We cannot be players for both sides; with one foot here and the other there. We are either all-in or not. Instead of always thinking of putting our needs first, we must place God first in our decisions. Instead of trying to tackle all of our problems by ourselves, all we need to do is to submit them to God and follow His lead. Instead of considering ourselves in higher esteem than others, we should seek after the well-being of others and help them out.

It is about time we dropped the old attitudes and put on the God-given ones so we can fully reflect Him to the world.


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