in:cast Events Presents: The Case For Easter National Simulcast

World renowned speakers, authors, and apologetic scholars Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg, and Dr. Michael Licona join together on Sunday, April 6 at 7:00 p.m. EST for the Global Case for Easter Simulcast event. The 90-minute simulcast will prepare church congregations with the answers to some of the most difficult questions and strengthen their faith as this Easter season approaches.

During the simulcast, Strobel, Mittelberg, and Licona retrace the findings that led Strobel from atheism to belief as first outlined in Strobel’s blockbuster book The Case For Christ. They will examine:

  • The medical evidence: Was Jesus’ death a sham and his resurrection a hoax?
  • The evidence of the missing body: Was Jesus’ body really absent from his tomb?
  • The evidence of appearances: Was Jesus seen alive after His death on the cross?

The speakers use their hard-hitting journalistic style and expertise in Biblical hermeneutics to take viewers through the evidence of the resurrection, the cornerstone of Christianity.

There is still an opportunity to host this event. Churches can register to host this event at

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