George Moss Launches First Ever IndieGoGo Campaign

Last week George Moss launched his first ever indiegogo campaign to fund his highly anticipated third album which is expected to be released around August time later this year. Since the start of the campaign 5 days ago, $880 has been raised of the $30,000 target and there are 55 days left to raise the rest of the money, so, if you want to help George Moss reach his goal, you can head on over to the campaign page by clicking the link below and help him raise the necessary funds by backing and pre-ordering his brand new album.

In the campaign video, George shares a little bit about the new album and his heart behind his music, “As I started to go back into the studio to release my third album, I wanted to take things to a brand new level, I didn’t want to just call in favors or try to get it done on an indie budget, I wanted to do it the same way as some of the artists that I love and respect, and I wanted to create something that is going to make a change in this culture for the better. So I didn’t cut any corners, I got in the studio, I got into the best studios, tried to work with some of the best producers that I could, and [I] really wanted to make this album with excellence…But on an independent budget, I ran out of money really quick so I kind of put the project on hold. And as I’m trying to figure out how I can do this project, I know I need to do this next project with excellence, I need to do it better than I have ever done it before. So over the years, I’ve met a lot of people in the music industry and I’ve set up a few meetings with some managers and some record labels and got a chance to talk to a lot of people. And as I started to talk to a lot of the people, and really the reality of the music industry is that it’s…an industry, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s business people, and you got to make music, and you got to sell it, and that’s kind of how the music industry works…But that’s not what I’m in it for. I don’t make music to sell a whole bunch of records, i don’t make music to be like the rappers that are on TV and things like that, i make music because it impacts the lives of thousands of people and I know that’s something that God’s called me to do.”

To find out more about the album, the campaign and to sample what the album will sound like, be sure to read the full campaign description and watch the accompanying video.

You really don’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity to back this project and for doing so you can receive some pretty sweet rewards in return – For example, for just $30, you could receive a digital download of the full album 2 weeks prior to the release date, a signed physical CD one week prior to its release, sneak peaks at 5 demo tracks, an exclusive digital high-resolution printable George Moss poster, an exclusive desktop wallpaper and cellphone background image, an exclusive ringtone and a follow back & thank you shout out on Twitter. Other rewards include an exclusive backer only t-shirt, signed 8×10 photo, a 30 minute skype call, VIP passes, studio pass and spend the day hanging out with George and his family and many other things.

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