Jo’s Devotions 03/18/14: Remember Your Leaders In Prayer

We see our pastors and church leaders as our mentors and spiritual emergency contacts. We rush to their offices and homes whenever we smell danger: either we have a terrible nightmare or there is some sort of trouble at home or at work and we expect them to be readily available to help us out in prayer and consolation.

But it is important to remember that our leaders are human beings too, with families to take care of and personal responsibilities and obligations to fulfill. And whatever we are going through, they may be going through worse.

So whenever we find ourselves on our knees, we should remember them in our prayers. They are the heads of our churches; if the heads are not in good shape, what can the other parts of the body do?

Brethren, pray for us’- 1 Thessalonians 5:25 (KJV).

Because they serve as shepherds over the flock of God, they are the first targets of the enemy so as to disorient and scatter the sheep. Their health, families and possessions are first points of attack. They are human, they also get discouraged and frightened sometimes. So it is our duty to stand behind them in prayer so they can be strong to stand against the devices of the enemy.

It is only when peace and prosperity reign in their homes that they would be in the right shape to cater for us. We all expect our church leaders to pray for us but who prays for them?

Whenever we can, let’s visit them-not to tell them of our problems but just to appreciate them for their service and bless them. Our support will go a long way to encourage them even in their darkest hours.

Let’s make it a point to pray for them asking for God’s grace, protection and provision for all our church leaders. Because when they are blessed, we will also be blessed.


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