Hi there and welcome to the inaugural edition of Mossy’s Hot Picks! Mossy’s Hot Picks is one of the new columns here on JesusWired.com in 2014 and will be a place where I, the editor, share with you all of my favorite new Christian music releases, favorite new music videos, interviews, news and other Christian based media from the last week/two weeks/month (along with some additional thoughts!). It’s also a chance for you the readers to chat with me/each other about the new releases, so if you have an opinion on anything I share or agree/disagree with my picks or have a song/album/music video etc that you think I’ve left out then please do let me know in the comments at the bottom. Also be sure to let me know if you have any suggestions to make the column better as it will evolve over time anyway!

I have a massively varied taste in music so I will be covering most genres but there will be a few that I won’t be breaching regularly or just not at all. Those genres are metal and heavier (except songs where I can decipher at least most of the lyrics clearly – like the new For Today & Demon Hunter albums for instance), country music, extremely gentle music (few exceptions), jazz/big band music and reggae music.

Eventually this column will be done on a bi-weekly basis, and then a weekly basis, but, for now, it’ll be done on a monthly basis. So here’s my top picks of the new Christian music etc released in February and I hope you enjoy perusing through them…


Loftland - I Don't Want To Dance Album Cover

Loftland – I Don’t Want To Dance Album Cover

Top 10 New Albums/EPs In February:

1. Loftland – I Don’t Want To Dance
2. VERIDIA – Inseparable EP
3. Anthem Lights – You Have My Heart
4. Rapture Ruckus – Invader Vol. 1 EP
5. City Harbor – City Harbor
6. Embers In Ashes – Killers & Thieves
7. Kutless – Glory
8. Humble Tip – Free Thinking
9. Ellie Holcomb – As Sure As The Sun
10. For Today – Fight The Silence


Steven Cooper - Drunken Nights Single Cover

Steven Cooper – Drunken Nights Single Cover

Top 4 New Singles In February:

1. Steven Cooper – Drunken Nights
2. KJ-52 – Tonight
3. Kari Jobe – Forever (Live)
4. For A Season – Deeper


The Top 2 Free Downloads:

1. Embers In Ashes – Into My Arms (Single) (JW Exclusive)
2. 412 – Now Or Never (EP)


My Top 20 New Music Videos:

1. Skillet – Not Gonna Die – [I’m a panhead so this is a little biased! Such an incredible music video to one of the best songs on Rise, if not the best, and Jen’s vocals are spine tingling world class!]

2. The Letter Black – Up From The Ashes – [Such a phenomenal pump up song and it may just be a performance video but Sarah’s swagger really gives it it’s edge! I’ve probably watched this more than Skiilet’s Not Gonna Die video and that says a lot!]

3. Kerrie Roberts – Time For The Show[My review of this video is coming very soon so make sure you “Get Plugged In!” to us below so you don’t miss it! I REALLY love the enthusiasm and imagery used in this feel good video!]

4. OBB – All Eyes On You [I came across OBB at the end of last year thanks to the Salah & Shekinah Band but it’s only since this video released that I’ve started to listen to them A LOT! Massive fan here because of this music video! These guys, along with the Salah & Shekinah band, have got big futures in this industry!]

5. Kari Jobe – Forever (Live)[For me to listen to worship music it has to be REALLY good, but for me to LOVE a worship song it has to be ten times that! Kari Jobe’s new single is incredible but the video is even better and includes an incredibly powerful spoken word! I can not wait for her new live cd/dvd project! pssst don’t be put off by the length of the video – it flies by and you’ll be pressing repeat a lot!]

6. TobyMac – Speak Life[Another quality encouraging video from TobyMac – I Love it! You can read our teenage writer’s article on it here]
7. KB – 100 feat Andy Mineo[Ok, I love any song with Andy in it as I’m a massive fan of his. I’m also a big fan of KB’s music. Mix the two together and you automatically get an absolute gem!]
8. KJ-52 – Tonight[KJ-52 has been in my top 3/5 artists for many years and although his new single isn’t his strongest vocally at times it’s still an incredible and addictive track. Can’t wait for the next track to be released soon (feat. tedashii & Family Force 5!), then the new album next month!]
9. For A Season – Deeper[Another great moving song and video from one of my favorite underrated bands]
10. Dorean Lives – Shores[New to the straight up melodic rock band Dorean Lives? This is a great introduction! Their debut album is one of my favorite albums to work productively to!]
11. Beautiful Eulogy Symbols And Signs[I just love Braille’s music but it’s Odd Thomas’ verse that steals the show on this track and is truly STUNNING!]
12. Rend CollectiveMy Lighthouse[Ok, folk music really isn’t my thing but after having seen them live in the summer, even I’ve started to be really won over by the Rend Collective, and I never thought that would happen! I’m currently part way through their new album out next Tuesday and I’m loving it thus far!]
13. Kyle KupeckyGive You The World – [I’ll be honest, this was beautiful and made me tear up a little!]
14. Shonlock A Night To Remember[I’ve listened to Shonlock’s new album (out on Tuesday) quite a lot this week and I love it! This music video is a great representation of the album so if you like this, I highly recommend you buy the album when it comes out!]
15. Dave BarnesGood[One of the major advantages of being the editor is that I see/organize pretty much all the posts and thus I get introduced to new artists/bands all the time and for anyone who knows me well, knows how much I LOVE finding new artists I love! Dave Barnes is one of those artists I’ve been introduced to and I’m now a big fan of his music – so relaxing!]
16. Sumerlin – Breaking Out
17. T-Strike – I GOT THIS feat. Monolog Of Gideonz Army
18. Sivion – The Best
19. Shaken – Faithless
20. KIDD – Welcome To The Jungle feat. Je’kob

My Top 16 Lyric Videos/New Songs:

1. Demon Hunter – Artificial Light [Simply stunning lyric video to one of my favorite songs off the new album out next Tuesday!]

2. Rush Of Fools – Held In Your Hands[Rush Of Fools are one of my favorite worship/pop bands purely because of how easy I find it to really connect with God through their music. With this new lyric come music video they’ve gone and taken that to new levels! What a phenomenal song!]

3. Demon Hunter – The Last One Alive – [The new Extremist album is phenomenal and has been on repeat all week (and considering they’re still technically a metal band, that still feels weird for me to say that!!). This is one of the standout quieter songs on the record!]

4. Hardie Avenue – Indestructible feat. Rob Beckley of Pillar[If this song is anything to go by then Hardie Avenue’s new project is something to really look forward to and it looks like they could fulfill their potential!]

5. Anthem Lights – That’s What I’m Looking For – [One of the most enjoyable songs I’ve heard in a loooong time with a great message!]

6. Anthem Lights – Dear Hollywood[I actually used to feel slightly embarrassed for saying that I liked Anthem Lights’ music. Not any more though that’s for sure! I’ve watched this lyric video on repeat for at least an hour on a couple of occasions – so relaxing and joy filled!]

7. Rhett Walker Band
Broken Man [Brilliant worship song]
8. Righteous VendettaThis Love [Gotta love a bit of Righteous Vendetta hard rock music ain’t ya?!]
9. Satellites & Sirens Jump Start My Heart [The new album releases on Tuesday and I’ve been fortunate enough to have had it for the past two months and I’m still enjoying it very nearly as much as when I first heard it! Great mixture of their earlier sound and their Frequency album sound/lyrical quality! Highly enjoyable, yet reflective, album that I can’t recommend enough!]
10. Airports – Somewhere Else[Only came across this band thanks to this song, I highly recommend you all check them out! We will be reviewing this song very soon and covering their music on a regular basis so make sure you “Get Plugged In!” to us below so as to not miss anything – great guys!]
11. Tim Halperin – Hey 17 feat. Trip Lee (audio only) – [Tim was an American Idol contestant and it’s sooo good to hear Trip’s voice again!]
12. Anthem Lights – You Have My Heart [Anthem Lights’ new album is my 2nd favorite new album of 2014 so far and my joint top most listened to, so I could’ve easily picked any of the lyric videos and it’s taken great restraint to only include three in this list!  Coincidentally, my favorite song off the record is “Fight Forever” but then again, any song that can turn dodgeball into something so epically spine tingling powerful was always going to be my favorite!]
13. Loftland – Hold On, Small One
14. Memphis May Fire – No Ordinary Love [Why am I including a Memphis May Fire song on a Christian list? Because Matty Montgomery’s made this new album much more faith based and it’s awesome!]
15. The Royal Royal – Every Little Bit Of Praise
16. John Mark McMillan – Heart Runs


My Top 20 “Other” Videos:

1. Is Andy Mineo the future of Christian Rap? Andy Mineo On Sway in the Morning[Warning: Odd swear word from callers at the end but insane live performances from Andy! He’s going some serious places!]
2. Planetshakers – Endless Praise (Live) [After coming across his singing in Young Chozen’s “Right Here, Right Now” music video last year, I’m a massive fan of Joth Hunt’s voice. I’ve also always liked Planetshakers’ music too and own a few albums/dvds from them but now I know who Joth Hunt is, I now REALLY love them and this new album is nothing short of awesome and will be included in the next edition of this column!]
3. KJ-52 – Friday Freestyle 02/08/14[Who doesn’t like KJ-52’s Friday Freestyles? I mean c’mon, everybody does right?]
4. Kari Jobe – Forever (Behind The Song)[It’s not often that behind the song videos cause shivers to shoot down my spine but this one did that and then some – especially at 0:52-1:14!]
5. Lecrae’s Story – Awakening[Yet another powerful short talk from Lecrae!]
6. Cover Tune Grab Bag – The Roadshow 2014 (Katy Perry’s Roar)[Andy Mineo’s part makes me giggle each time but the whole thing is just awesome and it’s a real feel good video! Thanks to all the christian bands covering this song constantly I now actually like this song too – uh oh!]
7. Family Force 5 – February Studio Update[I’m a #5er. This excites me. A LOT! The thought of new Family Force 5 music in my life just causes a grin to spread from ear to ear, however bad my day may be going! I’m hogging that review when it comes through!!]
8. MC Jin – Freestyle at Parachute 2014[One of the artists who made the biggest impression on me in 2013, I can NOT wait for his new album!]
9. Kutless – Livestream Q & A Session[Will Kutless tour the U.K. (my question)? Will Kutless return to being a rock band one day? and many many other questions answered – this really made me feel guilty for replacing them as my favorite band with TFK a few years ago!]
10. Jahaziel – Interview With Alpha[Great interview!]
11. Andy Mineo – Interview On FUSE TV
12. Anthem Lights – You Have My Heart (Behind The Song)[I could include any of the behind the song videos for this record here – you can check out the rest here.]
13. Crowder – “I Am” Live At K-Love
14. Mercy Me – The Story Behind “Shake”[I’ve always been an “ish” fan of MercyMe and have always gone through periods of loving them and then periods where I don’t listen to them at all. This new reinvented/new look MercyMe though has me really excited for new music from them. “Shake” was easily one of my favorite music videos from 2013 and I will hopefully be making a music video for the song with my church this summer! You can see my very first attempt at a music video here!]
15. Pastor Saeed’s wife Naghmeh Abedini Talks On Air1 About Dealing with anger towards her husband’s captors[Her response is so humbling and so Godly it’s almost impossible to believe it’s real, but, it is!]
16. Andy Mineo – MTV RapFix Freestyle Typography
17. A Star – Black and Grey Freestyle
18. Ryan Clark interview about “The Last One Alive”
19. Ryan Clark Interview About “Artificial Light”
20. OBB – All Eyes On You Live At Air1


My Top 5 Pieces Of News/Album Announcements:

1. Seventh Day Slumber, one of my top 10 favorite artists and my “pick me up” band, announced that their Brand New Album We Are The Broken will be released May 13th. Here’s the album trailer:


2. Pillar completed their crowd funding campaign and will be releasing their brand new album around August/September time and backers have already experienced the first single on the album “Lion Leads The Way” (it’s INCREDIBLE!!) and they will experience another new song prior to the album release thanks to meeting a second target once the campaign passed its goal.

3. MIKESCHAIR announced that they will release their new album, All Or Nothing, April 1st, and, no, it’s not an April Fools Day joke! You can read their facebook status about it here. MIKESCHAIR, along with Rush Of Fools, are my favorite worship/CCM/pop bands so I really can’t wait for this album!

4. Hip hop artist Viktory announced via a facebook status that the second volume of R4 will be released June 10th. He also had this to say about it, “R4 Volume 2 will be a summertime feel good album… Too many of us are struggling and having it hard. Let’s turn it around in 2014 and live life to the fullest.”

5. Da T.R.U.T.H. announced that his brand new album Heartbeat will be released April 15th. You can read more about it here.


My Top 5 Current Fan Backed Campaigns:

1. Partner With Manafest To Fund “The Moment” Album
2. Fireflight’s New Album
3. Ryan Edberg’s (Silverline) Solo Worship Album
4. Project 86 New Album And Acoustic EP


My Top 5 Inspirational/Helpful Articles I’ve Read In February:

1. 10 Ways to Show Love to Someone With Depression
2. The Biggest Lie We All Tell God…
3. Caitlin’s Corner: Which Way?
4. Caitlin’s Corner: What The Pizza Commercial Taught Me
5. Caitlin’s Corner: The Heart Of The Matter


My Top 10 Original JesusWired Articles in February:

1. VERIDIA Unleash Their Electrifying 5 Star Debut “Inseparable” EP Today
2. I Submit To You: Christian Hip Hop’s Ever Blurring Lines
3. LNYX “Captivate” The World With Mesmerizing Debut EP (technically just in January but shhhh!!)
4. A Collation Of Recent Andy Mineo Information And Videos All In 1 Place
5. 1 Girl Nation Spark A Hope Revolution With Debut Album
6. Ellie Holcomb Surpasses Expectations With Debut LP As Sure As the Sun
7. Anthem Lights Will Win Your Heart With Their Latest Album
8. Rapture Ruckus Invade Fans’ Hearts With New “Invader” Vol.1 EP
9. Za Ya Announces His Presence On New “Broadcast” EP
10. MC Jin Looks Inward On Hypocrite EP


Satellites & Sirens - One Noise Album Cover

Satellites & Sirens – One Noise Album Cover

The Top 8 New Releases I’m Looking Forward To In March:

1. Satellites & Sirens – One Noise – (March 18th)
2. Demon Hunter – Extremist – (March 18th)
3. Kari Jobe – Majestic: Deluxe (Live) – (March 25th)
4. Planetshakers – Endless Praise – (March 11th)
5. KB – 100 EP – (March 4th)
6. Rend Collective – The Art Of Celebration – (March 17th)
7. Shonlock – A Night To Remember – (March 18th)
8. LanciferOne Night To Live – (March 1st)


Other Things To Look Forward To In March:

1. The much talked about and highly anticipated “God’s Not Dead” Movie finally arrives March 21st!! I can’t wait!!!

2. The new single from The Steady (formerly known as My Heart’s Cry) called “I Can Breathe” released at the start of this month! You can find out more about it here.

And that’s my top picks of the new music from February. I hope that there were at least a few things above that you may not have seen before, or had already forgotten about and I’ve reminded you of! Please do comment below if you have anything you want to say or any suggestions you have for how to make the column better. Also be sure to check back at the start of April (it will be much closer to the start of the month than this one!) for my hot picks of March’s new releases! If you want to chat more/share music then by all means add me on Facebook below in my bio box as I love connecting with fellow Christian music fans! God bless,


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