Jason Gray Declares That “Love Will Have The Final Word” On New Album

Review Date: 03/09/14
Review By: Maddy Agers (13)
Release Date: 03/04/14
Rating: [usr 10]

I saw Jason Gray for the first time about three years ago on a tour he did with Max Lucado, TobyMac, and some others. I actually still have the program they gave out. Anyway, Jason only performed a couple songs, and I thought he was great!

I was happy to hear that he was going to have a new album out, and that he was coming to town soon. I wasn’t supposed to get to go, though. Somehow, Jesus used others I didn’t even know to bless me with tickets. How cool is that?

Anyway, Jason performed a lot of songs off his new album. One song was called “Laugh Out Loud.” It appealed to me at first because I’m a teenager, and “LOL” is a common abbreviation used among people my age, but the song itself is a mood-lightening and happy song. You’re almost guaranteed to smile and sing along. Jason did a brilliant thing with this song – it will get stuck in your head, but the message in it will, too. The first line sums up the theme:

Shake my head at my good fortune
As I shake the dust off of my boots.
Yesterday I was an orphan
Somehow today I belong to you.

As much as I enjoyed that last song, “With Every Act of Love” was a song I also liked. It really makes you think about your impact on people throughout your everyday life. Maybe that sounds silly, but you make an impact on a person through every action you make. (Refer to the Brennan Manning quote in my post about TobyMac’s Speak Life music video.) Maybe you just took time to pay for the coffee of the person in front of you, or helped someone carry their groceries to their car. Wherever you are, you can always show Jesus. Jason about covered it in this line of the song:

God put a million, million doors in the world
For His love to walk through
One of those doors is you

What a great line! It makes you think, right?

Not Right Now” is a favorite of mine. Jason got inspiration for this song from a friend of his who listened – really listened – to Jason speak when he was going through pain. He didn’t respond with a cliché Christian answer, as we tend to do sometimes. The words of the song are completely relatable, and anyone who has been/is going through a painful situation will know what I mean. Go give it a listen, and prepare to be blown away.

Love Will Have The Final Word” is a song of hope. I encourage you to check it out, because even though you feel pain in your life now, hope is coming. What a great song to fall back on through a hard time. I know that I need this reminder, especially through this season of my life. I know I’ll always need it, but right now I’m clinging onto it, I guess. Here’s my favorite part of it:

Of all the things I’ve ever heard
Let me remember when it hurts
That love will have the final word
As long as God is on His throne
I am carried by the hope
That love will have the final word

Begin Again” is also a cling-to message, all about how you can always begin again. No matter where you are, or what you’ve done, you can turn around and begin again. It sounds so far away, but Jesus is a God of never-ending chances. Check out this song!

“If You Want To Love Someone” is a song I can describe in one word – beautiful. The way Jason writes is captivating, and he can speak through just a few lines, so you’ll say “Ohh! I get it now!” That is the way this song is. I was just “wowed!” Anyway, you have to hear this. It’s lovely!

The Best Days of My Life” was a personal song from Jason, and that’s what made it one of my favorites. I like stories, and when I hear songs that tell stories, I’m overjoyed! This is a story song, from Jason’s childhood, up to adulthood. There is something about a personal song that gets to me, because it is real, and it’s relatable.

I absolutely loved this album. It’s personal, it’s real, and it’s lovely. I would buy it over and over again – it’s SO good! Do not pass this up. It’s a blessing, and you will be able to relate to these songs. If you’ve already heard it, comment below what you thought of it! I always love hearing feedback!

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