Dream Just A Little With Shadow Of Whales

Review Date: 03/14/14
Review By: Angel Journey
Release Date: 01/21/14 & 02/25/14
Rating: [usr 8]
Coming out of Austin, Texas, Shadow Of Whales is an alternative indie-pop quintet that is creating fresh and inspiring music. Members include frontman Joshua Flores, his brother Caleb on drums, Chris Fraga on lead guitar, Jeremy Boyum on bass guitar, and JD Vazquez on keys/glockenspiel. For such a young band, the group has forged an extremely solid sound that has led them to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. In the past few months, the band has been busy winning a slot to open for Camp Freddy and Billy Idol for Dell World, touring throughout Texas, and releasing their singles “Dream” and “Just A Little.”

Dream” is a lively track full of youthful vocals, fun guitar riffs, and spritely melodies. With hopeful lyrics and a catchy chorus, it’s an inspiring piece as it encourages having a steadfast and enduring outlook on life. “I know where I wanna be, I’ll live like I know what I mean. Won’t let anybody tell me any different, because I need to follow my dream.

Their latest single “Just A Little” keeps the energy levels high with a fast-paced rhythm, a powerful bridge breakdown, and great lyrical work. The song takes a look at the superficial world that we surround ourselves with, pushing us to ask the question: why? “I can’t believe it, what I’m seeing, am I the only one? We are all talking, but not living, looking at the sun.”

Shadow Of Whales has also been working with HeartSupport to spread community and hope. HeartSupport was built to encourage those that are struggling with difficult issues, and provides an online community where youth can discuss those struggles and find healing.

Coming from the “Live Music Capital of the World,” this band throws an amazing live show, where their energy is infectious and the their passion is contagious. This band is going places, so when you get the chance to go to a show, don’t miss out! Grab their latest singles and spread their mission: “hope through friendships.”

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