Caitlin’s Corner: This One’s For The Girls (Love)

This post has been a long time in the making.
Actually, it’s been sixteen years in the making.
If we’re honest, that’s because its taken me sixteen years to believe it myself.

Ladies :: this is for you.
Men :: come back next week

Seriously… I’m not trying to say that guys don’t struggle with self-esteem issues. Because I know they do.
But allow me to speak to sisters, mothers, wives, and daughters for a minute.

Listen. Listen very closely and carefully.
Even if you’ve heard it a thousand times before.
Even if you think you believe it.
Even if you think you don’t need to hear it.
Listen anyway.

You are beautiful.
You are loved.
You are cherished.
You are a daughter of the King.
You are special.
You are powerful.
You are unique.
You are so much more than the world has let you think.
You are His.

Do you believe that?
No, really.
Deep In your heart, do you truly know that you are those things?

I think that for most of us, we say we believe it.
But when we look into the mirror…or when it’s just us alone in our rooms….or when that guy doesn’t ask us out, we start to question if it’s really true.

It is.

Can I let you in on a little secret?
Your worth is not determined by your dress size, the number on the scale, the grade on the test paper, what people say about you, what guys date you, or what you’ve done.

You are not the mistakes you’ve made.

Your worth is defined only by what Jesus has already done for you.
He died for you because He loves you.
And nothing will ever change that.
You hear me?
It’s done. It’s finished.
Nothing you do or don’t do can stop that.
No mistake or bad decision can separate you from that love.
You are loved for all of eternity with a love you will never be able to comprehend, understand, or earn.

A few weeks ago on Valentine’s Day, I went to a women’s conference with my best friend.
The speaker was Lisa Harper and she talked about how God loves us and pursues us like Solomon and his wife in the book Song of Songs.

If you’ve ever read that part of the Bible, you know it’s a little grown up.
It’s basically this woman pouring her heart out about how much she loves this king.
And then she realizes he’s way out of her league and will probably turn her down.
About the time she starts to apologize and run away in embarrassment, he stops her to say he feels the same way.

It’s a beautiful picture of grace.
Because it’s not just talking about Solomon loving his wife.
It’s taking about Jesus loving us.

Even after everything we’ve done, He still chooses to love us.
He calls us His beloved bride. His treasure. His beauty.
We are lovely and beautiful in His eyes.

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I think is so sweet is when a guy pursues the girl he loves. Even if she gets mad and runs away, I want him to run after her. I think true love is worth pursuing.

So what better picture of that than a perfect and spotless Savior pursuing us by dying to save our souls and spend eternity with us?

Jesus is the best love story ever told.

He really loves us, y’all.
Madly loves us.
He is jealous for us.
He won’t give up on us or walk away if times get tough.
He wants our heart.
That’s the most amazing part… He doesn’t need us. But He wants us.

It’s almost too good to be true.
Oh, but it is true.
It’s the most true thing ever to happen.
And it’s absolutely wonderful.

Girls — you are not complete when you have a guy that “loves” you.
No guy can do for you what Jesus can.
He can satisfy like nothing else on this earth can.
Only He can complete you and your life.

When we really understand how much we are loved by God, nothing else will really matter.
Because that’s how great His love is…. it’s complete all on its own.
It’s enough.

His love is the only pure and true love.
It is the only love that isn’t tainted with selfish motives.
It’s the only love that doesn’t have terms and conditions.
It’s the only love that can’t be earned or taken away.
It’s the only love that has no limits or boundaries.
It’s the only love that will outlast time and earth and everything else.

Don’t you see?
Even if everyone else walks away, He never will.

Ladies… I know we just want to be wanted.
Or at least, I know I do.

Jesus wants us.

Your worth is far more than the world will lead you to believe.
It has nothing to do with what you’ve done and everything to do with what He’s already done.
You are loved and pursued beyond a shadow of a doubt.
You are eternally pursued by the Creator of all of creation.

That should change you.
It should make you dance and jump and cry.
It should wreck you. I know it does me.

When I think about the fact that God loves little ole me.
Man… That’ll shake you up.
It’s crazy.
But it’s true.

So ladies…. I’ll end with this.

You are loved beyond your wildest dreams.
You are so much more than what you’ve been told.
You are His.
He is yours.

And that will always be enough.
For me.
For you.
For all of us.

“Our hearts were created for God and we will be restless until we rest in Him.” -Augustine


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