“Be your brother’s keeper” and “love your neighbor as yourself” are just some of the little quotes that remind us to live peaceably with our fellow brethren. Life makes us so self-absorbed sometimes that we tend to forget to be there for the people in our lives.

And we sometimes think that we can be each other’s keeper only in times of trouble. When a friend has experienced a tragedy or some loss, we being by his/her side to comfort him/her shows how much we care. This is good but we should not only be a friend towards others in bad times. We should learn to be a part of the celebrations and joyous moments in other people’s lives as well.

“Don’t be concerned only about your own interests, but also be concerned about the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4 (GW).

Sometimes we should put our own interests and dreams on hold and help others achieve theirs. Instead of holding secretive grudges and envy in our hearts over the prosperous lives of our colleagues, we should appreciate their efforts and, with all sincerity, support them so they can be what they were meant to be. Who knows, your destinies might be tied-you could only get your breakthrough when your colleague’s door has been opened.

The world would testify that we are indeed Jesus’ disciples if we are one. Let’s put aside our individual differences and ambitions and help each other build up the body of Christ. The truth is everyone is needed because everyone’s role is important. Someone’s talent or ministry might not realize its full potential without your input and vice versa.

Let’s make other people’s dreams a priority and, when we have helped them achieve their heart desires, we will surely have our reward from our Father in heaven. Let’s always remember that we go higher by lifting others.


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