Artist: William McDowell
Track: Closer/ Wrap Me In Your Arms
Album: As We Worship Live

Draw me close, closer than before, closer than I’ve ever been… take me to that place Lord, that secret place where I can be with you and You can make me like You…

“Closer/ Wrap Me In Your Arms” is simply timeless and William McDowell was truly anointed in his delivery with this song. With the ability to touch you each and every time, we can all identify with “Closer/ Wrap Me In Your Arms” simply because we all desire to be closer with the Lord.

“Closer/ Wrap Me In Your Arms” is a song that reminds us that if we draw close to God then He will draw close us (James 4:8). It reminds us that when we are drawn closer together in that secret place that we can dwell there; we can become more like Him. We can become more like our God.

That dwelling place with the Lord, that secret place, is such a beautiful place to be. Nothing can touch you. Everything that was, and is, wrong and continues to try to undermine the Lord and His being is gone. None of it matters as you ask the Lord to cleanse you with fire; as you ask for your heart to be purified.

It is never too late to come to the Lord and say “draw me close, closer than before” and it is certainly never too late to say “wrap me in Your arms.”

Don’t delay getting closer to Father, your deliverer, your healer, your friend. Don’t delay going to that secret place and being wrapped in His arms. Don’t delay getting back to that blessed place.

“I pray that Closer/ Wrap Me In Your Arms” will aid you in taking that step to say Lord, “draw me closer than before… wrap me in Your arms.”

I pray that your week will be filled with the Lord’s goodness.

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