If you haven’t yet fallen into the trap of Flappy Bird…. Don’t.
I’ve legit been lying on my bed playing it for the last hour.
It’s crazy addicting.
But it also taught me something….

I believe that Flappy Bird is just like Christianity.
Allow me to share and explain…

— it seems fun….at first.

Let’s be honest here.
Flappy Bird probably won’t be a big deal in a month or two. Just like Candy Crush and Angry Birds and every other fad before them.

But right now, it’s huge. People get so excited over it.
People all around the world are talking about it and going crazy to download it.
Then they get into it and learn the reality.
It’s hard.
Y’all…. It took me hours to get past 3.
It was really fun at first… Then I got in the middle of it.
I got to the part where it was difficult and I couldn’t get it to do everything I wanted it to.
So I was tempted to give up on it.

And the fact is that Christianity is the same exact way.
At first, it looks amazing.
Serving Jesus? Sounds like a great idea.

You know the story.
We go to the church camp with the on-fire pastor.
The Christian concert with the awesome music.
The retreat or conference with the powerful speaker.

We get all fired up for Jesus and we say we’re gonna do great things for God.

Then we come home and for a while, we follow through.
The first few weeks and maybe even months, we go crazy for Jesus.
We talk about Him and share His message and tell people they just have to go find out about this Jesus!

But then…. then it happens.
We get in the middle.
And it starts to not be so exciting anymore.
We realize that Jesus isn’t all fun and games and that following Him won’t make all your problems go away.
We realize that life serving Jesus is hard.
And we get tempted to give up, throw in the towel, and walk away.

It happens.
The world is full of people that once were completely on fire for The Lord but, after a while, they just got bored with it all and gave up.
They decided it was too hard or not worth it.

And I guess I understand why.

Christians these days have a tendency to sugarcoat the Gospel.

We want people to get saved…. So we tell them the easy version.

We tell them Jesus loves them and wants to save them.

Which is very true….

But far too often, we leave out the other parts.

We leave out the part where Jesus says that if we follow Him, the world will hate us.
We leave out the part where He tells us if we love our life, we have to lose it.
We leave out the part where He explains that to follow Him, we must take up our own cross and die daily to ourselves and our flesh.
We leave out the part that if we say yes to Jesus, we must say no to a lot of things we used to do.
We leave out the part where we might have some friends and family turn on us and walk away.
We leave out the part that the world will think we’re insane.

That’s a lot to leave out, isn’t it?

Well… I know why we do it.
Because if we did tell them that stuff, we’d have less people come to the altar.
We’d have less people accept Jesus.
We’d have a smaller number to post when we talk about how many people “we” got saved.

It’s selfish motives, really.
That’s why we sugarcoat it.

And if you’re reading this and you’re one that has been told the easy version, let me apologize to you….
I’m sorry someone told you it would be easy from here on out.
I’m sorry someone told you life would be perfect.
I’m sorry someone told you following Jesus would be fun all the time.
I’m sorry.

Because the truth is is that it won’t. And it isn’t.

Christianity is not easy.
But I can promise you that it’s worth it.

So I guess my point in writing all of this is to say that Christianity will seem great for a while.
But eventually, there will come a time where you’ll be in the middle. And you’ll get bored. Or frustrated. Or even mad.
You’ll feel like walking away or giving up on Jesus.

But can I beg something of you?


Please don’t give up.
Please don’t walk away.
Please don’t lose that fire.

It’ll take going to church and reading the Word and staying in communication with God.

But there’s a way to not get bored with it. There is a way to keep that fire you once felt.
Even in the middle when it gets rough, you gotta hang in there.

Don’t let Christianity be like Flappy Bird.
Don’t let it be a phase in your life that you get excited about for a little while, then forget about.

Let it change you and make you new.
Let it move you to do great things for God.

If you’re in the middle, hang on.
Don’t give up.
The best is yet to come and I promise — He’s always worth it.


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