Word Films is proud to announce a distribution deal with PRODIGALFILM and Uptone Pictures for the release of the motion picture, “A Long Way Off,” featuring Jason Burkey (“October Baby,” “Mom’s Night Out”), Robert Davi (“Die Hard,” “Goonies,” James Bond “License to Kill”), John Diehl (“Escape from New York,” “Stargate,” “Pearl Harbor”), Edie McClurg (“Frozen,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Planes Trains and Automobiles”), Robert Amaya (“Courageous”) and talk show host Sean Hannity. Produced and co-directed by Michael Davis (“Destiny Road”) and Jon Errington, “A Long Way Off” captures the timeless tale of a journey to humility, repentance, and reconciliation with both a loving earthly father and heavenly Father–all in time for a June 3, 2014 DVD release just in time for Father’s Day 2014. (following the May 2014 theatrical release by PRODIGALFILM).

In this inspiring true story, based on the tale of The Prodigal Son taken from Luke 15:11-32, but set in modern times, Jacob leaves the family farm, shunning his father’s religious and business ethics, to strike out on his own in the big city, poised to conquer the world in his own way—on his terms. Surprised that his father actually obliges his request for an early inheritance, Jacob sets out for his own idea of fortune and fame, and proceeds to spend millions of dollars living the high life—only to find it come crashing down and learning vital life lessons, coming back a humbled, appreciative son, finally ready to reconcile with both his earthly and Heavenly Father.


Until the official trailer is released soon, you can watch the Music Video for “A Long Way Off,” the film’s title track (to be included in the bonus features of the DVD release in June after the theatrical release), here.

Official film web site: http://www.alongwayoffthemovie.com


Story Source: Word Label Group

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