Caitlin’s Corner: A Summary Of All The Posts So Far

In January of this year we welcomed two new teenage writers to our team of contributors, one being Maddy Agers contributing through her column “Through Maddy’s Eyes,” and the other being Caitlin Lassiter who contributes through her column “Caitlin’s Corner.”  With the exception of the latest post, so far we’ve been posting all of the articles Caitlin’s had “in stock” as it were and, commencing next Wednesday, she’ll be contributing on a weekly basis. Below is a list of her posts so far in case you missed any…

01/20/14 – A Waist Of Time

01/22/14 – New Beginnings

01/24/14 – What The Pizza Commercial Taught Me

01/26/14 – The Huddle

01/27/14 – Labeled

01/29/14 – Change

01/31/14 – Which Way?

02/03/14 – Never Gone

02/05/14 – The Problem With Later

02/07/14 – The Heart Of The Matter

02/10/14 – Be You

02/12/14 – Reflecting Our Coach

02/14/14 – Melting The Frozen

02/17/14 – Why I Won’t #MCM

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