Artist: Charles Jenkins
Track: Awesome
Album: The Best Of Both Worlds

Sometimes we want things so badly that we’re occupied with thoughts of that thing constantly.
Sometimes we get so close to having that thing that when it falls through or doesn’t quite go to plan we get upset and obsess over it.
Sometimes we need to realize that our plans are not always God’s plans and that He will provide for us when the time is right; when His time is right.
He will make a way when there is no way.
He will provide for you just when you think you’ve no more avenues for help.

His grace is sufficient for us and His power is made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).
We won’t always understand why certain things happen and don’t happen but when the Lord is involved and when the Lord does a work – hallelujah!
Lord, when you intervene everything happens at the right time. You are an awesome God, a holy God, a God who is a provider and a deliverer… you Lord are worthy to be praised.

The turnaround of my situation this week has been amazing and as I sat and reflected on the ‘fail’ that occurred on Sunday to the findings on Monday, all I could say was “my God is awesome.”
The situation had turned around for me and I found myself sitting there singing “my God is awesome, He can move the mountains… my God is awesome, heals me when I’m broken…”
Whether He’s brought you through something this week or last month or even if you just want to give thanks for His goodness, Awesome by Charles Jenkins is a blessing.
Who is God to you?
Give Him thanks.
What has He brought you through? What will He bring you though?
Give Him thanks.
We serve an awesome God and this song epitomizes that.

The Word tells us that the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, the mighty, and the awesome God… (Deuteronomy 10:17). You, God, are awesome in your sanctuary (Psalm 68:35). You, God, are awesome.
In the same way that Awesome has blessed me, I hope that it will bless you.

Charles Jenkins can be found on Twitter and Facebook.


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