Rapture Ruckus Invade Fans’ Hearts With New “Invader” Vol.1 EP

Review Date: 2/25/14
Review By: Angel Journey
Release Date: 2/25/14
Rating: [usr 8]

Riding the success of a goal-achieving IndieGoGo Campaign and the popular single “In Crowd,” hip hop/dance trio Rapture Ruckus have released their latest EP from BEC Recordings, Invader Volume 1. The New Zealanders are following up their 2011 full-length album, Open Your Eyes, with two EPs, and will be releasing Invader Volume 2 sometime later this year. It’s been worth the wait, as their new music is both lyrically intense and rhythmically infectious.

Starting off the record is the first single, In Crowd.” Featuring Soul Glow Activatur (formerly of Family Force 5), this track is an anthem full of energy and in-your-face lyrics. This anthem is a powerful piece about not being afraid to stand out from the crowd and being strong in who you are. Whenever you are feeling left out, stand up and shout “No, we’re never gonna be in the in crowd. Say no we don’t care what they say. I don’t wanna be you, so I’ll do it my way.”

Everybody Get Up” gets funky with an 80s groove as the record turns up the heat with truthfully raw lyrics. “So tonight you want a little bit of carefree living, like the people on the screen at the cinema. Find a drunk girl who isn’t even really into ya, to have sex with you in the back seat of your rental car.” The song continues by referencing Miley Cyrus, twerking, and STDs, making it a highly relatable, although blunt, track. We are reminded that God sees all that we are up to, and that He would rather see us pursue a path of selfless love than one of selfish destruction.

Dropping rhymes of encouragement, “Head Held High” seeks to prompt us that no matter the struggle, we have the strength in Jesus to overcome anything. Again the lyrics are easily relatable, as the track depicts the struggle of a young girl looking for love and fulfillment in the wrong places. No matter your struggle, no matter your past, “You don’t need to hide, you were born to fly, keep your head held high.”PromoImagep[0iedgufdjnc

Invader (Part 1)” is a pure rap track that drives home the themes of the previous songs. In this struggle of life, as you strive to do what’s right, people will reject you, but you can’t give up. At times it can be discouraging, but you have to keep in mind that “You hold the power, the power makes them afraid. It’s in you hands, the power has a name. His name is Christ Jesus, and He can’t be contained.” It will be interesting to hear the direction they take the track with “Invader (Part 2).”

Featuring soul pop artist David Dunn, “Carry Me” challenges us to “be the change, be the light” in this world of darkness and despair. Referencing the realities of shootings, racism, and prostitution, this track continues the album’s relatable accessibility, while continuing to encourage us to lean on God’s hope. “When the wind blows, when the waves roll, will we make it home? Carry us through the storm.”

In This Together” features another soul pop artist, Shuree, and is an anthem that continues to remind us that throughout this life, we are not alone. “I’ll be the hand you can hold, when you can’t make it on your own. I promise you you’re not alone, we’re in this together.” Always are there fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are willing to love you, and always is there Jesus Himself waiting to hold you in his arms.

Featuring famed DJ and producer David Thulin, the album ends with a remix of “In Crowd.” Thulin takes the pop anthem and injects it with energizing melodies and a beefy bass rhythm, reinforcing our call to be strong in who we are in Jesus’ love.

It has been a couple years, but it has been worth the wait to hear Rapture Ruckus’ new material. Back in the promo video for their IndieGoGo campaign, lead singer Brad Dring explained what the differences will be in the two EPs. The first of which is going to be your classic, big, bombastic Ruckus anthems that you know us for…and the second is going to be a more experimental record, where we strip away all the technology, all the computers, we take it back to the basement with our drums, guitars and a synthesiser and we make the most raw and heavy record that we’ve ever made.At least it will only be a few months before we are exposed to the second EP and the raw, experimental sounds that the group has been cooking up. This first EP is anthem heavy, indeed, and does not fail to deliver huge tracks that are sure to get your granny fist pumping. Grab a copy and show your granny quick!

Rapture Ruckus - Invader Volume 1 Album Cover
Rapture Ruckus – Invader Volume 1 Album Cover


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