VERIDIA Unleash Their Electrifying 5 Star Debut “Inseparable” EP Today

Review Date: 2/25/14
Review By: Angel Journey
Release Date: 2/25/14
Rating: [usr 10]

Presenting their debut with the EP Inseparable today, VERIDIA is currently making big waves in the alternative rock scene. Formed in Nashville in 2013, VERIDIA is comprised of vocalist Deena Jakoub, drummer Kyle Levy, and guitarists Brandon Brown and Trevor Hinesley. Deena explained that their creed is “to strive for raw honesty in all that we do, being true to ourselves, the ones we love and in our music.” This raw intensity is easily apparent in the lyrical and musical talent throughout the album.

Kicking off the EP is “We Are the Brave,” an empowering track that reminds us that we are filled with God’s love and the power to overcome any obstacle. No matter what life throws at us, “Love is gonna win the fight, fear is gonna run and hide.” Start everyday with this song, and you’re bound to conquer your obstacles.

Containing a few electro gems and a groovy vibe, “Disconnected” is certain to get stuck in your head. The song calls on us to pay attention to the power of our words, and that “We should be building bridges, instead of burning them down.” Let us try to simmer down the empty and hurtful conversations, and instead aim to spread more faith, hope, and love.

“Only you madly pursue me and jealously tell me I’m worthy of furious love,” is from the splendid track “Furious Love.” Often we find ourselves seeking validation through other people, and unfortunately we can be willing to change who we are to obtain their applause. This song reminds us that we “don’t need the world’s approval,” as we are found perfectly beautiful in Jesus’ love.

Driving home an eerie feel with industrial vibes and a ghoulish monologue, is “Mechanical Planet.” It is a most intriguing piece, as it speaks from the point of view of a dark force that seeks to distract us from the Truth. In today’s tech-savvy world, we are surrounded by an infinite amount of diversions and, because of this, we often forget that we “are worth more than gold, not some assembly line, rusted shell of a person.”

A major topic of conversation between those who believe in Jesus and those who don’t is the question of believing in something that is intangible. “Mystery of the Invisible” encompasses this topic and beautifully expresses why we “have faith in the unseen.” When we can embrace that Jesus’ love is alive within in us, we can truly understand this beautiful lyric: “A breathing cathedral of your heart, and it draws me with every breath.”

With VERIDIA meaning “of truth,” Inseparable calls us to honestly examine our hearts while encouraging us to become a better version of ourselves. Every song is a lyrical masterpiece that will cause much needed reflection and meditation. Keeping up with the lyrical talent is the music to back it up, as the album encompasses powerful guitar riffs, banging rhythms, electrifying synths, and rousing vocals. Make sure to grab a copy and rock your heart out!


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