Anthem Lights Will Win Your Heart With Their Latest Album

Review Date: 2/21/14
Review By: Maddy Agers (13)
Release Date: 02/04/14
Rating: 4.5/5

Anthem Lights “wowed” me with all their YouTube covers and things alike over time and, needless to say, I was more than happy to hear about their new album being released!

Now that I’ve gotten to hear this album, I don’t want to do anything unless I can sing and dance along with it! The album is perfect for its release around Valentine’s Day, as the name You Have My Heart suggests. A majority of the songs have to do with the theme of loving Jesus and some have to do with loving other people as well!

The first song is called “You Have My Heart,” which is the name of the album, and as you would guess, sets the theme for the rest of the album. The song is special to me because it talks about giving Jesus your heart even though everything else is uncertain. It blows me away to hear this song, because I feel like that’s something we all struggle with at some point in our walk with Christ.

The second song is called “Follow Your Heart.” This is quite possibly my favorite song on the album, because the more I listen to it, the more I realize something- that song is me. That’s me with big dreams for Jesus, hoping to let Him do some big things in people through music. I can’t get over this song!

The Unknown” is another song I absolutely love. It’s a song that reminds you how Jesus is already holding His arms out for us in the unknown we fear. How pleasant is that to hear, when we are fearful of our future and stepping into that unknown that we try to avoid? I will use this song as an anthem when I’m stepping into those unknown areas of my life. What a wonderful reminder!

That’s What I’m Looking For” is a super-fun song from the band that talks about the dream girl they are looking for- one that shows Jesus and is beautiful inside and not just on the outside; A modest, Jesus-loving girl. I love this song, and to all girls wondering how to be someone attractive to the right kind of guy, this is it! Every girl needs to hear it!

Hide Your Love Away” is a song I’ve adopted as a new all-time favorite. This song talks about purity for your future husband or wife. Everyone needs to hear this song, and remember there is someone who is waiting for you! Don’t fall into earthly pressure – stay on track with Jesus. The right person will wait for you, not pressure you and make you uncomfortable. I promise.

This last song caught my attention, it’s called “Help You Stand,” and I know just how this situation in the song goes. It’s about being there for someone who is going through a hardship, not just giving up on them. There’s a line that says:

Doubt is in your voice
I can recognize
The shaking from your choice
I can empathize
If I said I had never been there
I’d be lying
Jesus picked me up when I was crying
Broken down on the ground
That’s why I’m calling you now

That line touched my heart. How many times have we been in a tough spot we get through, only to see someone else go through it and have the compassion we need to help out? I absolutely love this song, and I’m so happy they put it out.

Overall, this album went beyond my expectations. I am sure it will indeed win your heart as it did mine! Be sure to check out the super powerful music video for “Fight Forever,” another of the great songs on the record, below.

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