The AS ONE Prayer Walk Set For April 12

On April 14, 2012, over 6,000 people from various ages, ethnicities, religious denominations and backgrounds gathered in the city of Fayetteville, NC for one purpose – to unite in prayer as one massive body and proclaim that God belonged in their city.   The God Belongs In My City Prayer Walk for Fayetteville, led by then Mayor Anthony Chavonne, local pastors and community leaders, was the first of its kind for the North Carolina community.  This small community made history by making their act of unification the largest gathering that the national GBIMC movement had ever garnered.

This monumental action of harmony was underestimated by many, but believed by even more. Because of the positive impact of this event, it returns again to Fayetteville but under a new name. AS ONE (THE PRAYER WALK).  The AS ONE Prayer Walk and a predicted 10,000 walkers will once again flood the streets of Fayetteville on Saturday, April 12, 2014.

This year’s walk route will begin at Fayetteville’s Festival Park, then on to Veterans Park and Airborne Museum to pray for those active and non-active in the military and their families.  The next stop for the walkers will be City Hall where prayer will be focused on regional civic leadership and law enforcement as well as our nation’s leaders.  Racial diversity will be the emphasis of prayer at the Market House with the last stop at the Fayetteville Public Library where a special prayer will be directed to education leaders, children and families.  After the mile and a half walk, The As One Prayer Walk will conclude back at Festival Park for a prayer for all spiritual leaders followed by music, food and fellowship.
The As One Prayer Walk is spearheaded this year by community leader Jeremy Wright.  Wright and a team of area pastors, city and county leaders and volunteers are strategically planning for the massive numbers expected this year and to continue holding As One activities regionally and nationally.
“I want the prayer walk to empower the body of Christ. We, as believers, tend to take the back seat to critical issues and policies while others push to the forefront,” expresses Wright.  “The only way we can be at the forefront of the decisions that are made in our community and our country is that we do it together in unity.”The As One Prayer Walk is not only open the city of Fayetteville, but is open to surrounding North and South Carolina and Virginia areas.  Participation of Fayetteville Mayor Nat Robertson and all nine municipalities of North Carolina’s Cumberland County is expected.

“If we want to positively impact our community and be change agents, we must show our desire to do so and this silent act of unity is a powerful stance to continually move forward in progress,” Wright shares.  “There is strength in numbers! As One, we cannot be defeated!”

The As One Prayer Walk is a silent rally with participants wearing T-shirts to signify their proclamation of unity.  For more information, including registering groups, organizations and families, connect with AS One on Facebook.

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Story Source: The Bellamy Group

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