Classic American TV Series Inspires Songwriter Anthony Skinner To Pen

Hymns have offered inspiration throughout the centuries, focusing the hearts of believers around the world on an unchanging God. So it should come as no surprise that a beloved hymn should inspire Franklin, Tennessee-based songwriter Anthony Skinner to pen “The Sound That Saved Us All,” a modern, soulful hymn for today’s church.

I probably start my week out, three to five days of the week, with a hymnal at a piano, just praying the words,” says Skinner. “One of the reasons that I do that is, the words are so well crafted and beautifully thought out, that it pulls beautiful things out of me.”

While this practice helped set the stage for his latest creation, it was the surprising and unlikely connection with a beloved American TV series that prompted Skinner to put pen to paper.

Skinner shares that while watching an episode of the classic 1960s series “The Andy Griffith Show,” he heard the characters singing “All Hail The Power of Jesus’ Name.”  Skinner said he was immediately struck by the beauty and power of the hymn.
The words captured my imagination,” says Skinner who promptly went to the piano and started writing “The Sound That Saved Us All,” drawing from “All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name” and “Amazing Grace” to write a song that honors both.

Integrity Music now releases a Digital Deluxe Single for “The Sound That Saved Us All”, featuring Skinner’s distinctive, bluesy vocals, to a global audience, offering two audio versions of the song, a chord chart and a performance video, which can be seen below.
Skinner discusses the song’s development and shares a guitar tutorial for it at “The Sound That Saved Us All.”  It is the latest in a long line of songs from the worship leader and writer who co-penned the No. 1 radio hit “Your Love Never Fails” popularized by the Newsboys and the song “Million Miles” from CeCe Winans’ Grammy Award winning album Thy Kingdom Come.

Skinner has also penned songs for fellow worship leaders and artists including All Sons & Daughters, Kim Walker Smith, Laura Story, Chris McClarney, Christine D’Clario, Chris Quilala (Jesus Culture), Brian and Jenn Johnson and New Life Worship. His own recordings include the critically acclaimed worship album Forever and A Day and a pop album Crush.  He is also the author of “Worship Smartbook,” a practical guide to worship leading and team building (voted “Best of the Best” in Worship Leader Magazine).

When not writing or leading worship with The Immersion Family Band, Skinner is busy speaking and teaching on worship and the arts. For further information, visit
Story Source: Integrity Music

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