Jo’s Devotion’s 02/17/14: To Love Is To Forgive

To love is to forgive.

To forgive is to let go.

For love does not bear grudges; does not keep track of wrongs– 1 Cor.13:5b (God’s Word).

Love is not all about the fun and memorable times together with someone but it also includes how difficult moments were handled. Moments of distrust, hurt and betrayal may pop up once in a while but if you have love like that of our heavenly Father, you would be able to look beyond the flaws of others and forgive them.

You can only forgive, and do so truly, if you have love in your heart. It takes much more than the will to let a grudge go. So, in this season of love and every other thing that comes along with it, let us find it in our hearts to forgive the people who may have hurt us in one way or the other.

Our Lord Jesus never ceased to forgive us…even on the cross, He still had the heart full of love to forgive those who beat, mocked and spat on Him. Likewise, let us learn to love those who seem the most undeserving of it and let all grudges go. Love is most tested when there is the need to forgive.

Let’s make the Love Chapter (1 Corinthians 13) our guide this month and the rest to come. Make it your checklist.

Are you patient? Are you kind? Are you proud? Rude? Irritable?

Whichever one you may be lacking, pray to our Father for grace to grow so you may be complete in love just as He is. And whenever something goes wrong with someone and you find it difficult to let go, pray to God for strength so you may forgive. Forgiveness is not for the other party, it is for your own well-being. It frees you and keeps you in good favor with our Father.

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